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Forums - Sony Discussion - GoW Ascension NEW FOOTAGE! (Manticore)

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HOLY SHIT at some of that stuff.

Love the mini game with it where you have hooked one blade to him.


And here's what Just_Tank (Community manager on SSM) said about this:
"You guys really have no idea what "those snakes" may be....and we won't spoil it for you.
BTW, next Chapter of Rise of the Warrior goes live tomorrow, BOOM!
This is a mini-boss's epic in a very different kind of way.

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so good

0_0 I need that new SP now

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M.U.G.E.N said:
so good

0_0 I need that new SP now

Omg yeah, this is probably it!!

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"This is a mini-boss BTW"

"a mini-boss BTW"



Not gonna watch because I want to look on this game and be surprised by its creatures and locales (not that they won't hold stuff back). I've never regretted this strategy and it's been 3 years since I've gotten a GoW so this is gonna be orgasmerific!

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What's up with the endless stream of gameplay footage of Sony games lately? o.O

that snake thing looks like it's made of wood.

riderz13371 said:
that snake thing looks like it's made of wood.

I know right! So why the fuck was it moving o.o