Square Enix CEO wants Final Fantasy Versus XIII to give you that nostalgic, this is FF! feeling

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Versus is not gonna show up on TGS.

I'm out. It's over for me. I oficially don't care about this game.

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Heavenly_King said:
Wagram said:

1) It is open world

2) Character design rocks

3) The theme of the game looks really cool, on par with FFVII and FFVIII. It is a dark theme not some b$ about friendship like FFXIII

4) Real time combat....AT LAST!!

5) You can ride tanks, robots, and other vehicles an use them to explore the environment and fight against enemies in real time.

With those 5 items, VersusXIII has the potential of being the best final Fantasy EVER! And most people and fans know that, that is the reason behind the crazy hype.

1) This I'll give it to you, its a +.

2) Character designs seems pretty similar to FF13 to me. Noctis looks alot like a male version of Lighning but even more emo and with black hair to be honest. A cool looking Lightning did'nt save FF13.

3) It may be  dark but the story can very well be lame... I don't understand ppl who think ''dark = cool = better''. Ppl jizzed everywhere when they found out that Twilight Princess was going to have a dark theme... Loved TP, liked the theme but to be honest idc if a game is dark like TP or light like SS, both kind can be great just like both kind can suck.

4) Unless i'm mystaken, no FF games ever had real time battle. Why would something not FF-like would make V13 the best FF game? To me saying this is going to make V13 the best FF game is like saying that a 3rd person CoD game will be the best CoD game because it's finaly 3rd person. 3rd person is not CoD, real time is not FF. I'm not saying that the real time battle will make the game suck, but it's a possibility and if it doesn't satisfy the fans they will complain about how SE sold out to be more mainstream for the casual by implementing a real time battle system in a turn based RPG franchise like FF.

5) Just like 4. Never been what FF is about.


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“..the level where it gives us back that nostalgic, “this is Final Fantasy!” sales, I want to sell it to everyone.”

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