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Forums - PC Discussion - Crytek: ‘PC is our next-generation, way ahead of other platforms’

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It seems you can’t go a single week without bumping into a next-gen console rumour these days (the latest concerned an apparent release date for the Xbox 720), but Crytek aren’t bothered about any of that, as their focus is primarily on PC.

Speaking in an interview with CVG, Crytek GM Nick Button-Brown said: “It’s always a continuous evolution on our engine. We delivered DX11 for Crysis 2 and we’ve continued evolving that. Our next-generation PC stuff looks great. We are showing some of that, so we’re really pushing the boundaries on PC. PC is our next-generation and we’ll keep going with that.”

Button-Brown also went on to say that PC tech is way ahead of next-generation platforms, and Crytek will be able to deliver a level of visuals that far exceeds what we’ve currently seen. “CryEngine 3 is already visually stunning,” he said. “The PC next-generation that we have is way beyond what we can deliver on these current-generation of consoles, So if we’re looking at next-generation platforms that aren’t PC then we’re already a long way ahead.”

The next-generation seems to be looming ever closer, and it looks like the studio behind Crysis are sticking their colours firmly to the PC mast. You can follow all the latest Crytek coverage here at BeefJack.