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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Namco-Bandai Releases Ridge Racer Vita In-Game Video

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Is Ridge Racer Vita A Must Get Launch Title ????

Yes 3 27.27%
No 8 72.73%

Namco Released In Game Video of Ridge Racer and Stated:
"Ridge Racer features high-speed action, high-performance racing machines, and all-new game play additions creating an edge-of-your-seat experience only possible on the PlayStation Vita."

Ridge Racer will be available on PlayStation Vita on February 22nd 2012

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Looks pretty good.

Also, very nice that they show all tracks of the game in this video.

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Ridge Racer is to be never taken seriously after that e3 incident.


+1 for showing actual in-game gameplay in the trailer. Seems like a rarity for racing games nowadays.

Considering the fact from what I heard, Namco plans to release the game bare bones and plans to release alot of DLC perhaps.

Not worth it imo, I loved Ridge Racer 2 for the PSP, but this game seems like its going to be a disappointment unless the stated sources are false.


Edit: Just looked at the trailer and lol, the PSP version looks better than this version wtf, damn Namco murdered the series even more XD


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Its true the Namco has fumbled a few times with ridge racer, but this can be a turn around for them and make this right once an for all. This use to be one of the top racing games in the market, but they have left the gamers out with just adding shiny new cars and lack of game play value. By the trailer it looks pretty good and seems they went back to their old formula that worked very well, I will try this game out when its release and wish for the best....