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A documentary about gamers is being developed and a segment was released that features:

Daniel Jung, a Super Smash Bros. national champion.  His winnings range from $10,000,a big-screen TV and to the borderline ludicrous -- like an Acrystal Wii.

In 2008, Nintendo hosted a Super Smash Brothers tournament to celebrate the game's U.S. release and commissioned Swarovski to create the one-of-a-kind gaming system, the value of which($4,000) makes the price of a new PS3 look like pocket change. Jung still owns the system,which features images of Nintendo’s most famous hero and villain duo: Mario and Bowser.He’s never played on it.
To learn more and watch the video:

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A crystal wii! When he does sell it, and autograph it I bet it will sell for know what I dont even know but it will be huge!

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I can't wait for the full release of this documentary...I know they will have footage
of MLG tournaments and Call of Duty Fanatics....