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Forums - PC Discussion - Diablo III Closed Beta starts today!

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It's arguably one of the most anticipated role-playing games currently in production and, now, players will have a chance to get a peek at Diablo III during closed beta testing. Blizzard Entertainment today announced the first wave of invites have been sent and they promise that more are on the way.

Participants in the closed beta will be able to play through Act I as any of the five available classes -- barbarian, witch doctor, wizard, monk or demon hunter. They'll also be able to try out the game's skill and crafting systems.

"This closed beta test is an important milestone for us as we enter the final stages of development on Diablo III ," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. "Our goal is to create the best action role-playing game experience to date, building on everything we’ve learned since the release of Diablo II and incorporating the powerful features of the new platform. We hope players enjoy participating in the beta test and we look forward to hearing their feedback."

Although Diablo III will be localized and released in multiple languages, the beta will be English-only. Gamers who wish to particpate can do so by signing into their accounts and opting-in.


Of course I didn't get an invite yet because Blizzard are meanie (I know I can be harsh when I'm disappointed).

Any VGChartz members get one? (and how much do you want for it?)

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I don't have it but I watched videos on youtube, obviously leoric the skeleton king returns as the final boss of act 1, and deckard cain survived an attack from 5 skeletons with big swords by swinging his walking stick at them until the rescue team reached him.

Edit: and no watching these videos does not make it any easier >_>


i want to be in it!

Being in 3rd place never felt so good