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It depends on your choice in consoles and games.....

There is an amazing lineup coming out on the PS3 next year with many sequels and a few new IPs but that doesn't have any effect on Wii or 360 owners. The same can be said about the 3DS but not everybody is going to instantly drop money on a new handheld (don't get me wrong, I'll be one of those fighting to get my own one :D).

For those who are like me and have to have everything, it will be difficult to make choices at times but there's always and I mean always a good sale somewhere on something. o.~

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i think 4 some1 like me who has been away from da gaming world 4  such a long time, it would be nice if some1 gave me a monthly breakdown of what was coming out in 2011 4 da ps3! :)
from what ive seen so far, lbp 2, cod, assassins creed, fifa 12, uncharted 3, socom 4 r all must buys 4 me next year, but i dont know what other games r coming out, n i dont know what half of the games mentioned by other users are :/



Jay520 said:

There will be delays, that's for sure