Serious challenges Move will have to overcome to sell > 10M units.

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I agree (I know right?)

The distinct differenence between Natal and Move is that Microsoft seem to be backing their product 100% and it's not like the Wii mote (something different)

Beause of those two things I believe Microsoft can get over the troubles Sony will face.


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Seece said:
I agree (I know right?)

The distinct differenence between Natal and Move is that Microsoft seem to be backing their product 100% and it's not like the Wii mote (something different)

Beause of those two things I believe Microsoft can get over the troubles Sony will face.

I suspect they are holding their cards close to their chest. They managed to get a whole bunch of people excited over some very basic technology demos without actually revealing anything of substance about their actual direction. My respect for Natal comes from their apparant desire to get everyone with an Xbox 360 onto Natal which implies some heavy bundling is possible. They are betting a lot on it and who am I to criticise their controller when they have shown very little of what they actually intend to do with it?

They are a strong contender even if I haven't got a clue as to what they are going to do!


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its all irrelevant , i know many people on my list that are buying it people want this sort of change especially when you have the means to better an experience.

all the shooters , rpgs future rts titles or all those titles that seem to work so well on pc can now be ported over with the same controls. (starcraft, world of goo, mmos)

fighters and action games can still have their gamepad but other titles that require better controls will give you the option of using the move or will be specially design just for the move i think people will be surprised how well this does plus all the support content they will have for it.

im buying it 100%

Let's just hope they hire the right people to do their marketing.. cause it has been bad the last few years..


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I agree with most of your points except the one where Nintendo has many good games for competition. :/


But then again. I don't see the Moves lineup as great either.

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there going to incorporate it in almost as many games as they can. just an extra feature. if i find a game i really like and it seems liek it'll be better using the move/arc controller, ill go buy one

I think a lot of people are forgetting, this isn't meant to be the main "thing" for the PS3, it's an optional peripheral just like the PlaystationEye/EyeToy, which will be used in specific games tailored for it. It isn't meant to be going up against the Wii, since people buy the Wii for the games, or so I'd assume, whereas people will buy a PS3 for the games, and when a game comes out for the new PS3 they've just bought, or they find the games they've bought would work better with Move, they'll go and buy it.

People are comparing a peripheral to a console where the main selling point is motion control.

Now, if you were comparing it to Natal, I'd probably have other things to say, like, that WILL be a fair competition, since they're both peripherals going head to head.

If I had $100 (I'm British so that wouldn't happen too often, lol), and I saw PS Move, or for a little extra, I could buy a Wii with the Wiimote, it's quite obvious that I'd buy the Wii, especially if I didn't have a games console, but if I had a PS3 and had to choose, it'd be the PS Move. If I was new on the market but really wanted a PS3, I'd buy one, and if (I'm sure I said this before o.O), there's a game I'm looking forward to, which has PS Move capabilities, THAT'S when I'd buy it. I wouldn't buy it as a primary controller, but as an alternative option to playing the games I like.

the biggest challenge to get 10M is the actual userbase of the console.... Few games sell 25% attach rate... so peripherials barely aimed at the core audience??

Heck Wii Fit the super success is barely at 30%


Well here are the main things I see holding Move back:

1. No Sony identity on the product. The problem with taking the "safe" route that Sony did with motion sensing, is when you are too similar to another product you risk being compared to it. Comparison isn't good, as you want something to be different enough in a product to sell itself. When comparisons happen, not only effectiveness, but price and support will be a fact.

2. Needs a Big Sony title- I would love to see Sony truly show they support this thing by taking a risk with one of their bigger franchises. AKA, bundle a big game with it. Maybe, even make a game that only supports it. I know they don't want it to replace the normal controller, but if they want it to make a dent in the market, they have to go big. Maybe a new Ratchet and Clank game or GT5 support with an optional bundle, or something new they might announce. They can't rely on these current games they've announced, including SOCOM. They need something clearly Sony to sell this product. Remember Wii not only launched with Wii Sports but Twilight Princess as well. That was a good decision.

3. Effective marketing- once again another problem with the product not being something that sells on its differences, is they will have to market it as if it has huge difference. And because the controller looks alot like the Wiimote, it could come off as getting an "off-brand" connotation. Similar to Zune versus Ipod status. We all know how that turned out. Sony is going to have to effectively market this to ensure they highlight its strong points while trying as hard as possible to create its own market.

So yes there are some serious challenges for the Move, but I think most of it just come from Sony taking such a safe route with their motion sensing controller. Because it's safe I do think they will see some pretty good sales of the Move. Should at least do decent enough to get them rolling with motion sensing. But it's going to take doing the 3 things above if they really want to push this above and beyond like the Wii and potentially Natal. I personally will probably get one, as I do need and Eyetoy and this is a good way to get one.

It's unrealistic expectations that are bound to fail in order to demonstrate how unsuccessful the product is.

I think SONY made the MOVE in order to convince Wii owners to buy PS3s... they have been saying that they believe Wii owners would eventually buy PS3s. It would make sense for them to target that audience.

I agree they will market the hell out of it.