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    < :VN: posted something on ErniPon's wall:

    Para nao estares sempre agarrado a Hatsune Miku, curte um episodio de Natal do Angry Video Game Nerd.

    < :VN: posted something on ErniPon's wall:

    Ja te imagino em Quarteira a apanhar pokemones, de DS na mão naquela parte do restaurante onde estavas a ver Kochikame. eheh Vê lá se dizes alguma coisa. Cumps

    < :VN: posted something on ErniPon's wall:

    Como e que estao os algarves ó crianço? Update your VGC profile. Ja terminei o 1º playthrough do House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut. Que é que andas a jogar?

    Hy prety boy! =º.º= yup the things for here are doing great.I play very hard to finish my Pearl v.of Pokémon,i almost there... meanwhile i m going check my hit music Kusumi koharu "Kilary" kawaii (-o.«-) Enjoy your Cachalote and kill the zombies in dead nation too.

    on 27 December 2011

    Ah ah Dead Nation. Yeap maybe I´ll play some Dead Nation: Road of Devastation. Now im more into blowing some mutant´s head´s with my Sharpshotter. Already tried the Eye Pet demo the other day and I was really impressed. It´s an excellent piece of software. I will let the demo installed till you try it for yourself. Go catch ´em all ErniPon.

    on 27 December 2011

    < :VN: posted something on ErniPon's wall:

    Just stoping by to drop a nuke-a-n00b bomb. ehehe

    How thing s going in nintendo fanboy land? ;)

    Back to Pokemon Heart Gold/ Soul Silver for what I see...


    You are such a Gaijin of Vgames.
    But OK! i give you an extra virtual boy!!!

    In PocketMonsters game i have already the 16 badges,131 creatures,the number phone of tree gym leaders.In my bag intems: Dusk stone,Whater stone,Shine stone and Leef stone.In my party bank Magnatown,Gyrados,Golem,Togetic,Meganium,Lugia.
    My next match is with Elite4 and Red trainer.I have 240h
    of game play.I need to catch Raikou,Entei,Latios,Groudon,Rayquanza.
    And i need to catch 2 Unknown s !-?.

    on 05 October 2011

    I don´t need any mercy from you. You Wapanese...
    I play in God Mode! Back in the arcade days I perfected myself to finish games with the least use of credits possible.


    Pokemon will drain your sanity one of these day´s and you´ll begun to think that you live in another reality (remember Lavender Town! REMEMBER!). Reading what you wrote, remind´s me of your "friend" Metalgear. 240h? Wow... I´m impressed. Maybe this time you will finish a game for a change (besides Super Mario Galaxy) eh eh.

    When I have the time I will go after my new Platinum Trophy. After that, you´re invited to play co-op with me in R3 (like with did in Resistance: Fall of Man). If you decline my invitation I´ll have to invite FlipSeven! At least is used to FPS´s ;)

    Until then, nice gaming.


    p.s. Entao e essa exumacao do GameBoy Colour? Estas a avancar no Pokemon Red?

    on 13 October 2011

    < lestatdark posted something on ErniPon's wall:

    So agora reparei que és de Portugal também xD.

    Yup!! nao esquecer "eles tem a força ,mas nos temos a inteligencia" era uma dica do instructor booklet do jogo Final Figth.lembrei me disto!
    Estou a jogar Soul silver conta coisas sobre o que tens jogado.

    Sayonara poke trainer.

    P.s. Costumas ir a eventos de cultura niponica? Como o Iberanime, anipop etc?

    on 05 October 2011

    Final Fight era brutalissimo. Infelizmente eu so tive a versao SNES em que tiraram imensa coisa. Ainda bem que o Final Fight 2 ficou intacto (excepto mudarem dois ou tres inimigos).

    Tenho andado a acabar o Xenoblade antes de o Dark Souls sair e a partir de Novembro é so Zelda e Super Mario Land 3D xD.

    Tens o Pokemon White/Black? Eu curti imenso do Soul Silver, mas ja passei praticamente todos os pokemons que la tinha para o White para completar a pokedex.

    Cheguei a ir ao Anipop Kyuu-ti o ano passado mas infelizmente nao fui a tantos eventos como gostaria de ter ido.

    on 05 October 2011

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