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    "The Walking Dead" Season 3 Discussion and Predictions

    in Movies Discussion on 21 May 2012

    Merle is the Governor...

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    Sony OLED, 3D HDTV Headset - Just take my money!

    in Sony Discussion on 02 September 2011

    Couple of downsides I can see are for people who need bifocals and people who get motion sickness. Otherwise this looks great!...

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    Sasuke/Ninja Warrior 27

    in Sports Discussion on 22 July 2011

    Can anyone beat the Ultimate Cliffhanger? Do you think we will see Total Victory this year? Who are your favorite competitors?...

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    *Best Nintendo Franchise Elimination Game*

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 July 2011

    + Kirby - F-Zero...

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    The Top 5 Movies You Ever Saw...

    in Movies Discussion on 18 July 2011

    1. Rocky (1976) 2. Buried Alive (1990) 3. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (1966) 4. The Karate Kid (1984) 5. Back To The Future (1985) They should put Buried Alive out on DVD/Blu Ray. I love that movie!...

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    AMD: Xbox 720 graphics will look like Avatar

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 July 2011

    I think it might be able to handle the title screen.....

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    Brag about your notable high scores here!

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 July 2011

    I've gotten all 9's on Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 before but those games aren't about getting high scores so it's an empty victory....

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    Wii U is 1080p

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2011

    The IBM Sequoia supercomputer scheduled to be delivered in 2012 which will be at least twice as fast as the current fastest supercomputer (K computer in Japan) will run on Power Architecture processors built on a 45 nm fabrication process. The complete system will draw about 6 MW of power. If a 32nm process were available, believe me, they would be using it....

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    Why do we exist,GOD or BIG BANG theory?

    in General Discussion on 09 July 2011

    snakenobi said: Metallicube said: Can't it be both? My theory is that some higher power that we cannot comprehend, brought into motion the big bang theory. And the rest is history :P that would be the concept of GOD,i agree here but people who talk BIG BANG theory don't think GOD exist The Big Bang Theory was originally proposed by Roman Catholic priest Georges...

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    Nintendo Wii 2: Huge Amount Of Project Cafe Information Supposedly Leaked

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 June 2011

    Just wait half an hour. You'll see. Googles for each person instead of screen on controller, maybe 3D....

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    Nintendo Wii 2: Huge Amount Of Project Cafe Information Supposedly Leaked

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 June 2011

    The screen won't be in the controller. It's going to be goggles like the Virtual Boy except it won't be Red LED's and the 6 inch screen will look like a 60 inch HD screen when wearing them. Surprised you guys haven't figured that out already....

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    So is this the new Nintendo System look? What do you think?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 April 2011

    Like the 3DS I imagine looking around in the game using the screen on the controller....

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    And yet another rumor about 'Wii 2'..from IGN.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 April 2011

    RolStoppable said: alfredofroylan said: RolStoppable said: A 50 - 75 % jump is smaller than what the Wii was over the Gamecube. This would basically make the N6 a PS3 and a PS3 Slim duck-taped together (rule of thumb: the smaller a console is in physical size, the less powerful it is). You mean a PS3 and a PS2 Slim taped together??? No, I mean what I typed. A PS2 isn't 50 - 75 %...

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    Super Mario 3DS Galaxy Inspired

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 April 2011

    It's a mix of Galaxy and 64? How about SMB3? No Kooplings? How about Luigi, Mushroom Houses and Transformed Kings?...

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    New Zelda OOT 3D Video - PAX 2011

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 March 2011

    It's obvious he's never played before.... I almost envy him....

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    Zelda OOT N64 vs 3DS screens comparison : WOW

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 March 2011

    Looks great to me. First few pics seem a little bright though idk....

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    When Will Wii be $150

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 February 2011

    When they announce the Wii 2 and Wii redesign after at E3....

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    Zelda turns 25th this year.... So yeah NIntendo will....

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 January 2011

    Nintendo will reveal at E3 that Skyward Sword is really a remake of the first Zelda. But seriously, a Limited Edition Gold Wii with Windwaker and/or Twilight Princess and free downloads of the first two Zeldas....

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    Iwata on 3DS vs NGP battle: “The customers will decide which is correct”

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 January 2011

    Thread fixed...

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    Give your deepest and utmost condolescences to this brave fallen dude.

    in Sony Discussion on 28 January 2011

    UMD is a lot like the audio cassette. It was compact enough so that you could fit it right in your pocket and not ever have to worry about scratching it but untimately is was replaced by (better) options....

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