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    How is the Switch going to sell 20M when it only sold 1.88M this quarter?

    in Sales Discussion on 30 October 2018

    Well, now that they have sold 5.07 million Nintendo Switches since March 31st (22.86 - 17.79 = 5.07) they could sell 10.93 million more in Q3 and 4 million more in Q4 and make their goal. reference: Q3 and Q4 have much bigger hardware moving software this year, than last year's Q3 and Q4 software. It is a very risky game...

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    Why is the Switch still not getting big games from 3rd parties? October edition

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 October 2018

    PS4/XB1 games that have been in development for 3+ years now are obviously not going to be on Nintendo Switch day and date until there has been enough time for the development pipelines to get caught up. (namely, after such multiplatform titles were even greenlit for Nintendo Switch, which many might have not even been until early 2018)Once the Nintendo Switch user base passes 40+ million, the...

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    Global Sales Ranking - Week 99

    in Sales Discussion on 08 October 2018

    Bofferbrauer2 said: With the Switch entering the holiday season soon, is it possible that it can hold off being overtaken by the DS until after, when the DS comes into his holiday season? Which would also mean that the PS4 might get overtaken first btw. Based on Nintendo's FY Goals and how they plan to move most of those 20m consoles after October, yea I think so. Though, the DS has...

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    Wall Street Journal Japan Reports A New Switch Model Will Release In The Second Half Of 2019

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 October 2018

    Miyamotoo said: curl-6 said: Perhaps instead of making a Premium Switch for $300 and dropping the price on the standard model, they'll simply release the premium Switch at $350 to make the standard look cheaper by comparison. We can realistically have current Switch version next year for $250, but thats still not low enough price option that will replace price point of...

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    Wii vs Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 October 2018

    I enjoyed the Wii a lot with my siblings and friends and even my parents! I tried the Wii U once at a Kiosk and have never seen one again......

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    Wall Street Journal Japan Reports A New Switch Model Will Release In The Second Half Of 2019

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 October 2018

    I could see them doing it with or without detachable Joycons. It is just a matter of what choices they make. Joycon only games use separate Joycon either way, its just a matter of if they are stowed and charged by the handheld unit or not. I think the clam shell design makes the most sense for portability and compatibility, but the joycon-less design would obviously be the cheapest...

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    Wall Street Journal Japan Reports A New Switch Model Will Release In The Second Half Of 2019

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 October 2018

    Nintendo have mentioned wanting to get the Nintendo Switch from one-per-household to one-per-person with the biggest obstacle being price, compared to the 3DS. Kimishima said: Consumers purchased Nintendo 3DS systems in numbers we expected last fiscal year. It has  an  ample  software  lineup ...

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    Hypothetical: Nintendo 10 Year Plan 2017-2027

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 October 2018

    Rumors have begun about a Nintendo Switch revision for late 2019....

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    When will an improved switch-hardware be released ?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 October 2018

    Well... Nintendo has been dropping hints along the way: Takahashi said: …“It is Nintendo Switch, so maybe we’ll switch it up!” jokes Takahashi, responding to a question about whether Switch’s life cycle will resemble more the company’s TV consoles (completely new ideas at ...

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    When will an improved switch-hardware be released ?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 October 2018

    Nintendo knows that the 3DS will fade as Nintendo Switch grows, and they need to fill that lower price entry point to expand the platform significantly. People hoping for some powered up SKU that has a bunch of games the original Nintendo Switch cannot run have not paid attention to Nintendo’s history with said revisions. Anytime Nintendo has made such SKUs (i.e. DSi and New 3DS) they have...

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    NBA 2K19 is now Switch’s biggest game (memory that game takes)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 September 2018

    I have made it a hard rule for myself, that I won't buy any game that requires a download to finish the game. I have 25 Nintendo Switch games installed, patched, save files, etc. right now and that has only used about 12.3 GBs (only 1 of them is an e-shop game). I don't even own a micro SD card at this point. Each year the Nintendo Switch Game Cards are going to get bigger and cheaper...

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    Nintendo Switch's home menu takes up LESS than 200 KB

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 August 2018

    melbye said: I like the completely uncomplicated menu. It serves it purpose well. I very much do as well. :) As others have said, it would be nice to have more organization options (folders, hide icons, etc.) as I think that could improve use speed even more. Optional home menu music would be nice just as a small touch. Backing up saves to the micro SD card would also be nice, but...

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    Nintendo Switch's home menu takes up LESS than 200 KB

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 August 2018

    As it turns out, Nintendo's focus on OS Speed is the reason they went so light on system features (compared to Wii U and 3DS), and why they didn't even include Home menu music.The inspiration was from how fast the NES used to get people playing games so they shaped the OS design philosophy around that idea. Referenced...

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    Diablo III took 9 months to port to Nintendo Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 August 2018 Just so people have an idea as to just how long it takes to port a big game to Nintendo Switch.This also means a lot of late ports coming to Nintendo Switch this fall/next year probably weren't even started being worked on until sometime after December 2017......

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    Should NS and wiiU be both labeled as 8th generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2018

    ---Gen 3--- 1983 - Famicom 1985 - Sega Master System ~3 Year Gap~ ---Gen 4--- 1988 - Sega Mega Drive 1989 - Game Boy 1990 - Super Famicom ~4 Year Gap~ ---Gen 5--- 1994 - Sega Saturn, Playstation 1 1996 - Nintendo 64 ~2 Year Gap~ ---Gen 6--- 1998 - Dreamcast 2000 - Playstation 2 2001 - GameCube, Xbox, GBA ~3 Year Gap~ ---Gen 7--- 2004 - DS, PSP 2005 -...

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    Nintendo's first half of 2018: How bad is it?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 August 2018

    The first half of 2018 was not as well supported as many people hoped coming off of last year bombastic ride.Really, Nintendo could have pushed for some 2017 titles/rushed some late 2018 games to launch in April/May 2018, since the Nintendo Switch was sold out most of last year anyway. Last year was like they maxed out the sales they actually had Supply for, and were just wasting their Plus...

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    Will there actually be a 3DS successor?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 August 2018

    Yes, Nintendo Switch is the successor. Some 3DS owners have already fully replaced their handheld gaming time with Nintendo Switch. Others are waiting for something cheaper and smaller. I see the Nintendo Switch Mini/SP/(whatever they call it), launching for $199 around October 2019 just before "handheld focused" 2019 Pokemon arrives. That synergy (of cheaper/smaller hardware +...

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    Greatest Nintendo launch title?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 July 2018

    Super Mario Bros was a turning point for basically the entire industry, it, along with the NES, ushered in so many standards at the same time and those changes persisted for many generations. The D-Pad, in-game screens that scroll, Hardware manufacturers actually doing some curation, licensing standards, RCA video/audio out, etc. and new genres, local co-op, and game save files started showing...

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    How Nintendo Could Make A Switch Mini Work & Address A New Handheld

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 July 2018

    Nintendo's focus is to leverage its software library to sell its hardware, and to reduce costs of hardware while addressing a wider audience. The wider audience being referred to here is: Handheld console gamers that are more price sensitive (i.e. impulse buyers, parent's buying their young child a console, etc.) Simplest solution: a 10nm or 7nm Tegra X1, smaller battery, reduce the entire...

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    Nintendo's E3 Direct may be longer than last year's

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 June 2018

    Looks like the Nintendo Direct this E3 will probably be longer than 30 minutes! So, at the very least, there is a lot of room for more game announcements this year. :D Source: Alternate Reference:

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