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    Wii U graphics power finally revealed - "we can now finally rule out any next-gen pretensions for the Wii U"

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 February 2013

    who cares about all this technical aspects? Nintendo is all about FUN....

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    Fantastic theory/idea behind the Zelda artwork girl

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 June 2009

    She must be the Master Sword spirit. I posted this as a comment at the artwork thread and then noticed this posting. So I guess our Zelda-instinct must be right. I don't think she will transform herself into different weapons. Her cloths and shape represent the Master Sword design. ...

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    Your personal top 10 Gamecube list

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 April 2009

    1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Collectors Edition) 2. The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess 3. Super Mario Sunshine 4. Mario Kart: Double Dash 5. Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat 6. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures 7. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 8. Animal Crossing 9. Mario Party 6 10. Mario Party 7    ...

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    Majora's Mask: My first Impressions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 April 2009

    I totally agree with the original post. To me too, WW is a magical Zelda game. I love OoT but there is a quality in WW that makes it a true classic - because the graphics were done in a way that the look of the game never ages. You can revisit it after all these years and look totaly fresh, almost as a new game. Its' whimsical design is pure genius!!!And yes, if Wii-Zelda is like what MM was to...

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    Best Zelda game ?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 January 2009

    OoT, WW and TP are the top 3 for me.OoT is flawless. Story, Music, Sound effects, Overworld, Gameplay.WW is my favorite for its' graphics design and the endless sea idea. Link is awesome in this one. So alive.TP is somehow OoT with improved graphics and a gorgeous orchestrated soundtrack....

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    the best video game franchise

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 December 2008

    Legend of Zelda for me!...

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    Animal Crossing / Wii Speak

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 December 2008

    Wii Speak is very fun. You can download WiiSpeak Channel (one dowload per package) and talk to 3 friends at the same time.I have 4 good friends that we chat in the Channel and in Animal Crossing and it's fantastic, the game becomes much more alive and fun!The sound of it is similar to any open-speaker telephone. You hear any sound in the room. There is a slight delay sometimes but nothing to...

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    The 'Why I Love My Wii' Thread - no negativity allowed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 December 2008

    Mario Kart Mario Galaxy Weather Channel (very chill out to play with the Earth) Creating Mii's Animal Crossing WiiWare & Virtual Console catalogue Wii Speak Channel (4 people with voice chat - trully funny)

    Link's Crossbow Training
    Zack & Wiki
    . . .

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    Animal Crossing: City Folk FC Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 December 2008

    Any Animal Crossers from Europe? (I'm lookin in Europe to have more chances to meet online due to the time difference).My town has apples (and I have planted oranges and pears).So any other fruits are more than welcome!!! Name: Ant Town: Toyland Friend Code: 1290-2045-1796...

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    What are your most played Wii/DS games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 December 2008

    Mario Kart is still in my Wii after so many months. Definitely the most played game of 2008. The online is the most addictive. I will play around with Animal Crossing next week so the MK disc will have a rest for a few days....

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    What kind of music do you like?

    in General Discussion on 07 December 2008

    Too many different styles... Some of my all-time favs are Everything But The Girl, Kate Bush, Malcolm McLaren's projects, Maxwell, Joao Gilberto, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sade, Tom Waits, Unerworld, The Beautiful South...And from the latest bunch I think Amy Winehouse is trully talented. Hope she will not f--k it all up with the drugs problem....

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    Worst console you've owned?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 October 2008

    PS2 for me. The worst ever....

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    So slow....

    in Website Topics on 03 October 2008

    I was about to start a new thread about how slow this website has become...It wasn't like this a few months ago. The slow loads is a recent problem.Please do something, it makes it hard to participate and sooner or later people will avoid to visit very often......

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    DSi, will you be getting one?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 October 2008

    Will get one for sure! I love the new functions and especially the game storage and browser!And the even slimmer look makes it more and more attractive!...

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    questions for wii music haters. please answer truthfully( i know, im sorry)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 September 2008

    I can't believe that people refuse to see that Nintendo is exploring some new grounds with some of their titles.Wii-Fit nd Wii-Music are two good examples of a new way to see video games (exercising, getting familiar with musical instruments...). They're not turning their back to "gamers". They simply test a new category, or "genre"....

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    I figured out why the Wii's attach rate is lower than it could be

    in Sales Discussion on 24 September 2008

    I own aprox 20 Wii games and 7 WiiWare titles....

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    Can Mario Kart Wii become the nr 1 selling game in its first 12 months?

    in Sales Discussion on 22 September 2008

    I think the "online" feature of Mario Kart is the greatest thing that happened in the gaming world this year!Deserves all the sales it can get and even more....

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    Wii only owners: Could you see yourself getting a PS3 after a price drop?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 September 2008

    nope. I'm very happy with my Wii. Since Mario Kart released I haven't put another disc in the slot.Meanwhile I'm playing PaperMario 64 and Zelda: A Link To The Past from the Virtual Console.Both huge games. ...

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    LittleBigPlanet vs Animal Crossing: City Folk

    in Sony Discussion on 09 September 2008

    I think Animal Crossing will sell a LOT more....

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    Kingdom hearts is overrated

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 September 2008

    I agree. Kingdom Hearts has a very serious problem - the battles!They are exactly the same, it has TONS of them on every next step and after a while it gets frustrating. You can easily speak over the phone and press the buttons randomly without even looking at the screen and the battles keep going. Somehow they found a way to avoid any serious storyline and exploration developement by stuffing...

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