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    Dutch national railroad is going to compensate the people deported to concentration camps

    in Politics Discussion on 27 June 2019

    Jews are going to have a much more difficult job playing the holocaust guilt card to exert influence over European countries and America as whites become a smaller and smaller segment of the population of those countries. It's unclear to me why they are being more and more obnoxiously demanding in the manner of OP's story lately. Are they just trying to milk us for everything they can get before...

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    Popular Twitch speedrunner banned for "leaking" the N-Word

    in General Discussion on 22 April 2019

    I assume by "the N-Word" you mean "nigger"? Talking like an elementary school teacher is really not a positive way to present yourself. Anyway, this is the future that a small minority of fanatical leftists want to create - complete social exclusion and inability to leave a happy life for people who put a toe outside of a narrow spectrum of far-left progressive views and language. Those who don't...

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    Why Jordan Peele is Unlikely to Cast White Lead: 'I've Seen That Movie'

    in Politics Discussion on 27 March 2019

    The phrase "white dude" seems to be used almost exclusively by people looking to demean or attack whites. These people will never say "white man", always "white dude", even though they will always say "woman" when talking about, for example, feminist issues. I suppose it's because "dude" has a less respectful connotation than "man", but it's striking how unfailingly they will conform to this word...

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    I am very sad.

    in Politics Discussion on 26 March 2019

    Country elects right-wing leader and liberal college student thinks the world is ending, it's beyond parody at this point. Your life will probably improve under Bolsonaro. Certainly as an outsider, seeing footage in the past of people just being openly murdered in the street in Brazil makes it very obvious to me why the population would elect a hard-line disciplinarian traditional-values leader....

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    Justin Trudeau clashes with eldery lady over illegal immigration: 'you Madame will have no place here'

    in Politics Discussion on 26 March 2019

    dharh said: Black Pigeon Speaks is a bigoted, racist, white nationalist.  Not an argument, and neither are those laughably disingenuous videos by leftist witch-hunters...

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