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    Microsoft’s Efforts to Bring Japanese Games to Xbox One Should be Encouraged, Not Mocked

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 April 2017 by darkenergy

    ShadowSoldier said: Seventizz said: Why do people just assume SB was cancelled out of spite?  Like MS doesn't want to release a new IP for the heck of it?  Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe it wasn't coming along as good as promised?   They may have done gaming a favour by cancelling it. You never do the medium any favours by killing ideas before...

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    Colin Moriarty is back

    in General Discussion on 02 April 2017 by WolfpackN64

    Aura7541 said: Remember when I said that the term was coined by a Muslim and you said you didn't care? Perhaps you should read the second paragraph of the same page. WolfpackN64 said: That is ideal in an early stage of capitalism, but capitalism inevitably leads to monopoly and concentration of wealth, in which case your meritocracy has largely ceased to exist. Which type...

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    Update: Official Persona 5 Metacritic Prediction Thread! 94 Metacritic!!

    in Sony Discussion on 30 March 2017 by Ultrashroomz

    I know I know, I just want an excuse to use that pic. :-P...

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    Reggie says Nintendo will “have a big E3 this year”, showcasing games for both Switch and 3DS

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 March 2017 by Spade

    Oneeee-Chan!!! said: Spade said: Ugh, let the 3DS die in a fire. Pokemon Stars confirmed to be dumbed down :-D Spade, Who are you ?   Ultra pls......

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    Nier automata director wishes for PS VITA 2 or at least a smaller version of switch, which is a bit too big for him ( as a handheld console ) !

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2017 by d21lewis

    Goodnightmoon said: But Switch is really small, is actually shocking the first time you see it. Yeah. I was actually expecting something the size of a tablet! Instead, it was the size of a cell phone!...

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    Uncharted The Lost Legacy release date news (The game is scheduled to release exclusively for PS4 in 2017.)

    in Sony Discussion on 26 March 2017 by Captain_Yuri

    And here I was beginning to think it would get released for the Switch! Disappointed :(   Can't wait...

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    GTA6: Will it release this Generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2017 by etking

    Of course they will. They can make much more money by selling millions instead of a hundred thousand copies per week....

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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Meta Thread - 76 PC / 74 PS4 / 76 XB1

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2017 by hudsoniscool

    For me comparing this to the trilogy it's better in some areas(mainly gameplay) and worse in some areas. The only reason imho that it's worse is the characters arnt nearly as compelling. I'd give it a 90 so far(20 hrs in)...

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    GameStop: Switch has one of the highest attach rates of software and accessories that we’ve seen in a long time.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 March 2017 by Alby_da_Wolf

    Gamestop is vague, so we won't know for sure Switch launch ranking until we see the numbers, but still what we can deduct from their words that it was an excellent launch. About attach rate, obviously nobody in his right mind expects lifetime attach rate to be reached at launch, so "one of the best launch attach rates" must be meant compared with other launch attach rates. BTW, Switch+1 or 2...

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    How Often Does Your #1 Game Change?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2017 by S.Peelman

    Not for a long time. It used to, back in the '90s gamechanger after gamechanger came out, but then Ocarina of Time released. And so it's been the #1 since 1998. Nothing has beaten it, it was the ultimate gamechanger, and since even a Breath of the Wild isn't going to, I doubt it'll ever lose that top spot. Only once did something come close, in 2003 with Knights of the Old Republic, but even then...

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    Apparently a Recore: Definitive Edition is coming

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 March 2017 by smroadkill15

    Didn't play it, but was interested. If they fix the issues of the first game and add some new content, I may pick it up. ...

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    Zelda beats Horizon Zero Dawn to No.1 in Japan

    in Sales Discussion on 22 March 2017 by KLAMarine

    Kyuu said: KLAMarine said: There are plenty of caveats to go around for both titles:BotW on Switch has a very high attach rate but the Switch only just recently launched and BotW is the game to play on it out of the gate. BotW runs best in handheld so some may also be holding off on a BotW purchase until they can get their hands on a somewhat-scarce Switch or until the library for...

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    What are your gaming mainstays?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2017 by Veknoid_Outcast

    morenoingrato said: Mario Kart and Smash Bros. This guy knows what's up :)...

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    Horizon: Zero Dawn worldwide sales top 2.6 million (sell-through)

    in Sony Discussion on 22 March 2017 by Jaicee

    Zekkyou said: If it's successful enough we might see a western release of Blue Reflection eventually. We normally get a Gust release every year or two, and if not there's always the chance of a fan translation. Only a few more decades and i'll be able to read Chaos;Child! When they're well presented they can definitely be interesting. It's a type of story telling fairly...

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    [STAFF] New Moderator Announcement - March 2017

    in Website Topics on 20 March 2017 by Spade

    starcraft said: Spade said: Congrats to my BF Ryuu. Damn... I'm in with two of the mods. Pretty much can say whatever I want :-D jk Seriously though, I've known Ryuu for years, he's going to/has been doing a fantastic job. SLADE? no... Look away. Nothing to see here. :-D ...

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    Xbox Empire - Closed

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 January 2020 by Ryuu96

    End of one Empire, start of a new one. Credit to @shikamaru317 for stepping up and creating Republic of Xbox after Jaywood's Empire closed, you did a great job with the thread, especially during a rocky generation. Reached 28,061 Posts! Thanks to everyone who contributed, now time to move onto a new Empire and hopefully a great future! Bye Xbox Empire/Republic of Xbox! ...

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    Welcome to the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Bananaking's Screenshot thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2017 by Ryuu96

    Locking - Screenshot threads for individual games are fine but screenshot threads for individual users is pushing it, I realize you've stated that others can post their own screenshots too - however, that makes the thread a duplicate of VGShare. If you want to post your own screenshots either do it in VGShare or in a specific game topic....

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