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    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Topics 5 days ago by CGI-Quality

    Guys, I don't mind the discussion, but in another thread please. Let's keep this about moderations. ...

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    Student loans debate - fair game for students?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 February 2018 by bigjon

    solution. Stop trying to convince every damn person that they must go to college. There are a lot of really dumb people who go to college. Those dumb people increase the demand for college which lets colleges raise tuition rates because the demand is there. ...

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    If CERN/NASA were to prove our universe is a simulation, how would it affect you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 July 2017 by greencactaur

    I wouldn't really care i'd keep doing what I do everyday, play video games ....

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    Vgchartz is a Safe Space

    in General Discussion on 05 February 2017 by Miguel_Zorro

    We are open to discussion about our moderation style - in the thread that exists for such discussion. There is a valid discussion to be had about our level of moderation in various areas. I've found that people tend to call the team overzealous and ask for more latitude when they are the ones expressing themselves. When it's an opinion that people disagree with, the feedback is that we don't...

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    Trump bans EPA employees from giving social media updates.

    in Politics Discussion on 27 January 2017 by bunchanumbers

    Tigerlure said: "Just give him a chance" they said... "Couldn't be worse than what we had before" they said......

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    Man celebrating vote to repeal Obamacare learns he is on Obamacare

    in Politics Discussion on 14 January 2017 by Lefil

    The GOP Replacement Health Care Plan will be called "Thoughts and Prayers"....

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    Obama should close his mouth and leave in dignity

    in Politics Discussion on 03 January 2017 by ebw

    Illusion said: SpokenTruth said: In that case, all political correctness is doing is trying to teach people not to be an asshole when discussing sensitive topics.  You can discuss illegal immigration, gay marriage, religion, terrorism, etc...without being hateful in the process.   It's when you use language that is racist that you get called a racist.   If...

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    I was assaulted and I got robbed while I was walking to the subway

    in General Discussion on 01 January 2017 by SkepticallyMinded

    onionberry said: SkepticallyMinded said: I'm not sure why you thought you were safe to walk alone at night. That's very naive or very stupid. This is a crippling experience for sure emotionally, but perhaps it's actually a blessing in disguise as in the future when you encounter someone looking for more than cash from you, you will be better prepared to handle the situation. I hope...

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    Trump: 'Nobody Really Knows' If Climate Change Is Real

    in Politics Discussion on 30 December 2016 by Chris Hu

    Lafiel said: thranx said: the universe must revolve around us. All people believed this at one point in time. it must be true. Science is now a majority vote not based on facts and reason but on the community agreeing to it. Very Democratic and all. But what a load of BS. Science comes from the dissenters who question. By your standards there would be no advancement as we should...

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    Why Trump supporters stand by debunked claim

    in Politics Discussion on 30 December 2016 by AsGryffynn

    SpokenTruth said: AsGryffynn said: I am more concerned by how California issues Driving Licenses in two different formats for no good reason...  The upright style are for provisional or Under 21 cards.  Makes it easy to recognize that someone is under 21 for liquor purchases or is using a Learners Permit.  Look at the blue and red blocks to the right of the...

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    Day 1 after Trump wins: Racism comes back stronger...

    in Politics Discussion on 23 December 2016 by Lawlight This is a good recap of how the anti-Trump group are spreading fear with fake news....

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    Flat Tax (Everyone Pays Equal %)

    in Politics Discussion on 21 December 2016 by robzo100

    Slarvax said: On a completely unrelated and off topic note, I feel dumb reading this thread. You all seem very smart :-) I made this thread so that we could all hopefully be a little smarter. I mean how can one be smart on something that isn't generally talked about at school, college, with friends, co-workers, not even on the news. The news might mention a story about it but it...

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    Donald Trump plainly admits to lying about his central campaign promises.

    in Politics Discussion on 20 December 2016 by deskpro2k3

    I just saw the episode lol. this is no surprise at all, they got conned...

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    "Westworld" - HBO science fiction series

    in Movies Discussion on 07 December 2016 by SkepticallyMinded

    LurkerJ said: SkepticallyMinded said: scream.gif Not bad news anymore. The show needs better writers and a tighter grip over the messy story. Lack of attention to details is astonishing. 10 years ago, I fell into JJ Abram's trap of withholding too much information from viewers. LOST was so intriguing because we knew nothing for 2 seasons. The moment we started getting...

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    I was fired tonight

    in General Discussion on 04 December 2016 by numberwang

    Then it sucks big time... sorry to hear....

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    Trump is aiming for two-terms. Yay?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 December 2016 by thranx

    SpokenTruth said: thranx said: I remember when Obama got elected the first time. I took to the streets. I rioted for days. Idestryed stuff. I disrupted the flow of traffic. Then he got elected a second time! Bot howdy did I go and riot again. I was upset. I did not get MY way. Oh wait, nevermind it must of all been a dream. There were no riots. Property was not destroyed. I didn't...

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    Why Bernie Sanders wouldn't have won against Donald Trump in the election.

    in Politics Discussion on 03 December 2016 by LurkerJ

    Soundwave said: LurkerJ said: We know for a fact that the primaries were rigged by the DNC. Why are we using data from the primaries as an indicative of a hypothetical election results? If Bernie won, he would've continued building momentum and Hillary voters would've voted for him. Unlike the bernie bros who vowed to #neverhillary. 10% of dems voted for Trump, I highly doubt...

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    Fidel Castro is dead at 90.

    in Politics Discussion on 30 November 2016 by WolfpackN64

    Slimebeast said: WolfpackN64 said: Look, Marxist theory has never become cultural. You always had cultural interpretations, but these always deal with elite culture and inequality. The kind of Cultural Marxism I hear so many people nagging on about DOES NOT EXIST. There has not been a cultural shift and especially not in these days, when the more hardline theories are reserting...

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    Cure for CANCER in Blushwood Tree found in Australia

    in General Discussion on 29 November 2016 by Dulfite

    Torillian said: Dulfite said: My point is that it will be a never ending "evolving" process, if you will, and yet we have people claiming *insert one of the hundreds/thousands of "scientific breakthroughts" discovered every year here* that whatever discovery is made is absolute and revolutionary, only to claim it was misguided years later. If a company kept coming out with a new...

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    Windows 10 is ridiculous

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 November 2016 by Arkaign

    pray4mojo said: Arkaign said: True, at that big hacker conference in Vegas, the Macs are always the easiest things to hack, lol. They thrived for the longest time in 'security by obscurity', but that's a thing of the past, not to mention all of the new problems with macOS Sierra. Tim Cook is screwing up Apple and good. One of my clients got a new MBP to replace his 2014 model, and...

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