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    PS5 and Xbox Series Launch Holiday line-ups

    in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago by shikamaru317

    Added Maneater to the list. ...

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    The Fall of Xbox - Video by Videogamedunkey

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 December 2019 by Technarchy

    I think some are being dramatic about the current state of affairs for Xbox. As we saw from the Sega Genesis a long time ago, you don't need to be the number one selling global console, and you don't need to sell huge numbers in Japan to be a viable contender. What you need is a compelling enough installed global user base to ensure third party developers can't afford to completely write...

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    At what point is this child abuse? Trans kids.

    in Politics Discussion on 24 October 2019 by sundin13

    KLAMarine said: sundin13 said: Oh, sorry, I think I got this mixed up with the newer version of this thread (which appears to have been closed?). https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-the-right-weaponized-a-7-year-old-trans-child?source=articles&via=rss tldr: Father claims that mother is forcing child to be transgendered. Story gets picked up by a lot of (primarily conservative)...

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    Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft issue Joint Statement on potential tariffs on China

    in Politics Discussion on 04 July 2019 by RenCutypoison

    And it's not just the consoles, the sanctions on Huawei could also be a source of retaliation (especially since everyone knows about PRISM) from chinese on the GAFAM, who depend a lot on China and their economical alliances. This could disturb the tech world enough to bust the bubble and throw it in disarray for years to come. ...

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    PS Now vs Xbox Gamepass in revenue. What to believe?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2019 by Mr Puggsly

    d21lewis said: Gamepass has some really good, really new content, lets you download 100% of the time, and has discounts in case you want to buy. If I didn't already buy every game that I wanted, I'd jump on it. I've always been lukewarm about the PSNow service. They've done things to improve it but it just doesn't speak to me.No idea who to believe but I could see gamepass being a bit hit....

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    Ps3 Pro

    in Sony Discussion on 07 April 2019 by dharh

    If the PS3 Pro had been a beefed PS3 with the backwards compatibility we lost with later iterations of the PS3, HELL YES. Otherwise no. I got my PS3 fat late so I still end up using my PS2 from time to time. Here's to hoping the PS5 rumors of back compat w/ physical discs are true (they probably aren't though)....

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    Donald Trump: How Do You Feel about Him Now? (Poll)

    in Politics Discussion on 24 March 2019 by the-pi-guy

    So we want to try moving over to a more general political thread.  Hopefully one that can be more constructive, and more on topic.     http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=239694...

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    Disney fires 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn over 'indefensible' old tweets

    in Movies Discussion on 22 March 2019 by Raven

    There is a LOT of unrelated discussion occurring in this necrobumped thread, I think the discussions could either be made into their own thread(s) or move into a more appropriate ongoing one instead. Locking....

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    Some guys remain single by choice because it is easier!

    in NSFW Discussion on 08 February 2019 by the-pi-guy

    I will be locking this thread now.  It is pretty clear that we are passed discussion.  People have moved on from the original topic. And several posters have been attempting to give advice, and OP has ignored all of it.  I don't see any reason to keep the discussion going.   OP, it's unreasonable to continue airing your grievances on the matter when you have literally...

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    Should Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS Nomination Continue?

    in Politics Discussion on 28 January 2019 by Hiku

    Final-Fan said: Is it your position that smears against nominees in a confirmation hearing are more corrosive to the process than entirely blocking nominees from getting a confirmation hearing in the first place?  On that note, I think it would be a problem for the process if serious criminal accusations were ignored if it may stain someone's name. Though publicly outing the...

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    Ex-Blizzard Producer accuses Sony USA of Censoring Games and Enforcing "Puritanism"

    in Sony Discussion on 27 January 2019 by CGI-Quality

    This thread has deviated from what it was originally about, which is what happens, unfortunately, with subjects like this. The bigger issue is that plus the fact that we have enough of these on the site. So, it is best to shut it down before it causes anyone else to step over the line....

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    Ocasio Cortez mentioned Smash

    in Politics Discussion on 24 January 2019 by TruckOSaurus

    Since the OP asked for it, I'm going to close this thread....

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    Xbox One demand will surpass supply (Poll included)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 January 2019 by DonFerrari

    Shadow1980 said: DonFerrari said:   Not to forget that 2017 was a bad year on the start because of X1 reveal. Yeah. That does certainly seem to be the case. The XBO had only a small YoY decline in 2017, but that decline accelerated starting in June when the X1X was fully revealed: Interestingly, while the XBO was up YoY for November thanks to the X1X launch, the...

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    Update: Latest rumor shows casting for a white Ciri | Original: Netflix looking for non-white actress to play Ciri in the Witcher tv series

    in Movies Discussion on 18 November 2018 by Immersiveunreality

    Darc Requiem said: Immersiveunreality said: Sorry for the late reply here did just see it. Hey i find it great i was wrong on this but can you inform yourself on what an" SJW "means as it was never meant to be something positive and you should not be proud to bear that tag. I am also sure you are not so open for conversation yourself when those in disagreement with you are so...

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    Are worker unions good or bad?

    in Politics Discussion on 21 October 2018 by d21lewis

    I'm all about myself and my family. I don't care about the corporation but when you get hired, they tell you what to expect. This is the job. This is the pay. These are the hours. These are the policies. People get hired and suddenly they hate their employer. It's like meeting a girl and saying "I like to play Xbox with my friends on Friday." and a month later she hates that you play Xbox with...

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    ‘Rape Culture’ Is A MYTH | Change My Mind

    in General Discussion on 15 October 2018 by Azuren

    Qwark said: Runa216 said: The problem with many arguments about 'rape' and the burden of proof being on the victim is that....short of having the foresight to record it or coaxing a confession out of the rapist, there's virtually no proof of rape. It can't exist. This burden you put on the victim is nearly impossible to fulfil because rape is unlike other forms of abuse. When...

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    Changing lead platforms for the first time since 1998.

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 September 2018 by Cerebralbore101

    Pemalite said:  Cerebralbore101 said: Not all of my Steam games will run on my Linux computer. And it is identical to my Windows computer, except that it runs on Linux instead. Therefore DRM. Technological incompatibility =/= DRM.  False. You can run every Windows game ever released on a Linux PC or a Mac PC.There is one little piece of technology that can...

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    EA censors "white man" and "DLC" in Battlefield V

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 September 2018 by KManX89

    Every time i come to this site I feel like most y'all are just regressing further and further into giant snowflakes who want cry SJW at everything. Glad the entertainment industries is progressing and paying you no mind. Yeah, go ahead and throw your core fanbase under the bus to appeal to non-gamer SJWs. Oh yes, because it worked so well for Marvel Comics and Hyper Universe... oh...

    Write 54

    Henry Cavill Quits The Superman Role

    in Movies Discussion on 13 September 2018 by FarleyMcFirefly

    Ganoncrotch said: FarleyMcFirefly said: That Aquaman scene was shot by Joss Whedon, as were all the Superman scenes in the theatrical cut. Snyder didn't want everybody to know Batman's identity, that was also a Whedon thing. As for Lex knowing, he is supposed to be extremely intelligent, with endless resources. It isn't that big of a reach that he would of found out the identities...

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    What if Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony went political and catered to SJW ?

    in Politics Discussion on 06 September 2018 by CGI-Quality

    Seems to be a bit of a redundant topic now. Let's bring this discussion to one of the many SJW threads we have on the site. ...

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