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    The Elimination Game - MOST HATED franchises!

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 November 2008

    PREVIOUS VOTER:Final - Fan16 - Madden NFL15 - Metal Gear14 - Dragon Quest (-)14 - Halo13 - Yu-Gi-Oh!13 - Need for Speed12 - Super Smash Bros.12 - WWE SmackDown!11 - Devil May Cry11 - Frogger11 - Nickelodeon11 - Ridge Racer11 - Rock Band11 - Super Monkey Ball10- Animal Crossing10- Brain Age10 - Alone in the Dark10 - Assassin's Creed10 - Battlefield10 - Battletoads10 - Bejeweled10 - Bomberman10 -...

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    ur 5 game christmas list, and 3 that almost made it

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 November 2008

    1: Guitar Hero: World Tour2: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia3: Professor Layton and the Curious Village4: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragonthats it :) ..short list...dont buy so many games...

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    Vgchartz has a bad rep

    in Website Topics on 09 November 2008

    love vgchartz...anyway...the numbers aren't always so close...but they are almost every time close enough...the games who sell a million on vgchartz sold well IRL to so if its like 100 000 + / - it doesn't really matter much......

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    Wii Sports still amazing

    in Sales Discussion on 26 October 2008

    it was a good show off wii game...but it dont keeps you intrested more than the first time.....

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    If it weren't for Wii, I wouldn't own a console this gen.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 October 2008

    Faxanadu said: If it werent for Nintendogs, I would not own a DS. Yes, the truth hurts sometimes. well..the same thing with me...or atleast that was the reason i bought it back then......

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    How do you become a mod?

    in Website Topics on 21 October 2008

    first off all you need to get recordniced by everyone ... start there.. ...

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    New Sonic Unleashed Wii Shots

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 October 2008

    frybread said: I have a question for Sonic fans,How long are you going to keep carrying the torch? How many more years of abuse will you put up with? as long as they sometimes put out good games like Sonic Rush i will be intrested :) ..i just skipp buying the 3D once ^^...

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    If it weren't for Wii, I wouldn't own a console this gen.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 October 2008

    I think i am one off the guys frybread talked about...i have grown up with pc (and only pc gaming except from ds) and never owed another stationary consolll. If i hadn't bought wii i hadn't bought any console. In my opinion PRG's, Adventures, FPS gamas and so on is better on pc and i am much more familiar with playing games with mouse/keyboard than playing them with the hard to remember what keys...

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    What happend to Spyro and Crash Bandicoot?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 October 2008

    well naughty dog probably just thought for making something else instead and then lit have been like different team on every game(almost) the 2 game series have no spirit left.....

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    Guitar Hero:World Tour FINAL SETLIST!!! + DLC

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 September 2008

    30 Seconds To Mars - "The Kill" blink-182 - "Dammit" Bon Jovi - "Livin' On A Prayer" Foo Fighters - "Everlong" Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle" Linkin Park - "What I've Done" Michael Jackson - "Beat It" Nirvana - "About a Girl (Unplugged)" No Doubt - "Spiderwebs" NOFX - "Soul Doubt" Paramore - "Misery Business" Rise Against - "Re-Education Through Labor" Sex Pistols - "Pretty Vacant" Survivor -...

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    Where Sony went wrong with the ps3!!

    in Sony Discussion on 08 September 2008

    i think leo-j have right....but i my eyes they coudnt really have lower price becouse off the hig produce costs...they cant do like microsoft and loos tousends of milions... sony aint as ritch as microsoft...the problem wasnt the price...the problem was that they moved to far in the step fron ps2 to ps3 so that they needed the higher price......

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    are titles like Madworld and The Conduit going to actually sell?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 September 2008

    mad world...around 400 000...not more than 600 000conduit will probably selll more...but still it will never sell more than big beach sports.....

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    Guitar Hero 4 Confirmed playlist (Audio of full songs included)

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2008

    Dammit, Beat it, Misery Business, In the end ...

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    Group in Final Fantasy XI takes 18 hours to kill enemy (they never do!)

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2008

    this is crasy :P..who the hell can one fight last so long, i would have closed the computer and blamed on lag after around maximum 2 hours ^^...

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    Castlevania Judgment screens!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2008

    had never played a Castilvania Game before the DS came out...hade really fun with both the 2 first games and going to buy then next one for the system...with 8+ reviues i will buy this one, looks cool actually.......

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    Dragon Quest X will go to PSP -- What do YOU think??

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 May 2008

    think its reatarted to say that PSP is the system off chose in japan, especially not for developers... except from Monster hounter almost nothing sell on the system. A system that have higer hardware numbers and software numbers many weeks are not the system Sqaure Enix are going to put one off there bigest games on......

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    does anyone still think the wii will lose this console war?

    in Sales Discussion on 04 April 2008

    Depends on how to define wining :P If wining is selling most conloses ...well wii probably win becouse off it have a biger potensial market with lower price and easyer to understand games. My grandpha have played we :P...he is 82....when he looked at 16bits game back in 1995 he thought it was to complicted for him, but he tried tenis...My oppinion is that the consoll who sells most softwear is...

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    Whats the last new IP that was AAA and was made by Nintendo...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 March 2008

    Brain Training, Wii Sport and Nintendogs are clearly no AAA in my eyes...In my eyes a AAA titel is a hig budget, higrated game ...sell dont have to do with if a game is AAA or not.....

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    How much do you think Okami Wii will sell?

    in Sales Discussion on 28 March 2008

    dont think it will sell so good.......maybe 150 000 - 250 000 first month and the 5k a week for a year or so....300 000 - 400 000 lifetime :P...

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