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    What Do You Believe is the Status of Retro's Other Project(s)?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 January 2019

    Honestly I think whatever Retro was working on is either finished or closed to and it might come out sooner than people think, yes it has been 5 years since TF and we have heard nothing from them since then but if the StarFox rumor is true then it could have taken a while to get development started. Plus if Retro for the past 5 years as done nothing and/or was only getting games canceled would...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion on 15 August 2018

    xMetroid said: Kai_Mao said: I think Game Freak already knows the core audience is important. Why do you think Pokemon is still Pokemon and selling 15+ million each new main line game (not counting third games and remakes) after 20+ years? They even announced the next game in 2019 will maintain the core elements of previous games in the mainline series, including battling and...

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    Super Smash Ultimate: Is Goku Actually a Possibility? Like Is it Really IMPOSSIBLE?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 August 2018

    The biggest reason reason he shouldn't be in is because he IS NOT A VIDEOGAME CHARACTER, the moment you add him any non video game character could now be in and it's already bad enough with people asking for Goku and Shrek,despite the fact that neither is possible. Also why the fuck is it that only Goku and DB get requested for Smash, because without the manga and anime nobody would care about...

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    Smash Ultimate Direct August 8th 2018 announced at Evo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 August 2018

    Just wanted to give my opinion on the Rathalos thing, is that the footage we see him in is most likely from a Boss Rush mode, like Brawl had, because if you look at the Dracula footage there is only 1 time that he see more than 1 character fighting him(unless I'm competently misremembering but at the very least in the Simon trailer, Simon is the only character on stage before Dracula shows up) ,...

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    Smash Ultimate Direct August 8th 2018 announced at Evo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 August 2018

    Cobretti2 said: Honestly some of you are WAY to soft on Nintendo. They need to step up their game. E3 was a smash direct that dragged longer than Days of Our Lives. I couldn't care less on what little is left to reveal. All this show is Nintendo are fucked and have nothing else in the pipeline for 2018 worth my money. They are committing the same mistakes they did with Wii and WiiU....

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    Fortnite - warning DO NOT play on PS4, or you can't play on Switch (and quick start guide if you're sheltered like me, and didn't know about this game before)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2018

    pxrocks said: In Previous generation PlayStation was begging for cross play with Xbox and Nintendo but this gen Xbox and Nintendo begging for cross play with PlayStation.its so funny but imo PlayStation doing the right thing here and they shouldn't feel pressure from some always supported cross play with PC but business wise not good to give your player base to your...

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    Goku for Smash 5? I say YES!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 March 2018

    Snoorlax said:  Yeah i'm dissapointed how this thread is filled with hypocrites, sarcasm and anime haters. BTW you can start eating your crow because Goku will make it to Smash someday. Son Goku will never be in Smash no matter how much people scream on the internet, because Sakurai has said NO to manga characters.

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    Goku for Smash 5? I say YES!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 March 2018

    Illusion said: I think anybody who doesn't want Goku in Smash would have to explain why Cloud being in Smash was OK. Cloud is about as far from a Nintendo mascot that you can get. At least Goku has been in some DBZ games that made it to Nintendo consoles. OK I will take you up on that. 1-Cloud, unlike Son Goku, originated in a video game 2-Final Fantasy started on...

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    AMD "won an order" regarding the NX

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 August 2016

    AMD, which competes with Intel (INTC) and NVIDIA (NVDA) in the CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit) market, dominates the gaming console market. It’s the sole supplier of semi-custom processors for Japan-based (EWJ) Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox. It has also won an order for Nintendo’s upcoming console, codenamed...

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    SWITCH Rumor Round-up

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 August 2016

    Well looks like rumor is looking more legit since they got the date and location of the reveal of the Neo unless the PS event next month is not for the Neo.

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    Ubisoft to announce “other surprises” for NX at a later date

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 August 2016

    Watch one of their surprises be that unreleased Wii U party game...

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    Third-party games on WiiU - were they worth it?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 July 2016

    Aren't W101,FF5 and TMS all Nintendo owned IPs? If so then they don't count as 3rd party games since thay are 1st party IPs made by an outside studio, games like Pokken and SSB were also made by a 3rd party company and they didn't make it to the list...

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    So Nintendo should go 3rd Party, right? What about everyone else?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 July 2016

    Competition is good so not only should Nintendo keep making hardware so should MS and Sony and if a company has to sell their system they have to make better games, I mean if Nintendo  they most likely only make Mario(2D/3D/Kart),Zelda,Pokémon,SSB and maybe AC and Splatoon, heck if Nintendo had gone 3rd party this gen. Splatoon most likely wouldn't have been made, Kid Icarus and FE...

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    Pokemon XY 14.98mil/ Oras 12.24mil: XY to surpass BW? (Oras to be #1 remake?)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 July 2016

    Wait, how can Pokémon on the 3DS sell about the same or more than the ones on the DS even be possible the people on the interwebz told me that Nintendo should go 3rd party because the increased install base would make their games sell better and more money?...

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    Rumour - NX sounds "expensive" + More info coming soon

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 July 2016

    Didn't she tease Nintendo might celebrate the anniversary of a game launch in Japan with a pic of a Mother 3 character? And if she did wasn't the 10th anniversary of M3 over 3 months ago? And still no M3 in the west...

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    Ignore Go for a second and check out these Two New Pokemon! UPDATE: New Trailer!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 July 2016

    Ljink96 said: For the last time...I was born in 1996. I didn't play Gen 1 until Fire Red and Leaf Green, and that was after I played Diamond and Pearl. It's not nostalgia, the designs were simple and effective and didn't look like cheap Americanized saturday morning cartoon characters like that bear. And Ice cream, keys, swords, trash, and God knows what else. Why is the only thing that...

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    Ignore Go for a second and check out these Two New Pokemon! UPDATE: New Trailer!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 July 2016

    Ljink96 said: The bear looks like he's from Hello Kitty :-( Playing Pokemon Go makes me really miss the masterful designs of the first 151. That's a joke right? I mean I love gen.1 but it has some of the worst designs in the whole series heck I bet if that gen. wasn't the 1st one but was the any other gen,especially the more recent gens,people would hate the majority of the...

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    If NX "fails" in the same way the Wii U has, will you abandon Nintendo?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 July 2016

    Gamemaster87 said: Mr.GameCrazy said: A few bad games doesn't mean that Nintendo has lost their talent.  "A FEW"?!?!?!!?!?!?! I've listed you a ton of bad games. They don't have talent anymore. We didn't get a single good game since Fire Emblem if in June 2015. Super Mario Maker launched after June and Yoshi Woolly World launched the same day as...

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    The Football Thread - 17/18 Season

    in Sports Discussion on 10 July 2016

    You know whats funny is that the french talked so much shit about our team and were so confident that they would win and now that they lost they are salty af I mean just look at the Eiffel Tower it wasn't colored in the Portuguese colors,and according to them it's because of technical difficulties,yeah right, and if I'm not mistaken there was violence in Paris after the match, I guess karma truly...

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    UPDATE: Darkrai announced for Pokkén Tournament !

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2016

    Luke888 said: TheLegendofDS said: If the recent starter evolutions leak is real then I wouldn't be surprised if it was Litten final evo. You're shure about your pick ? it's my duty to inform you that usually final evolutions for the starters are kept secret and only announced a few days after the release of the game shikamaru317 said: Well, I'd like to see Greninja,...

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