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      < Lrdfancypants posted something on zero129's wall

      I figured I would write you on your wall to the clear the air.
      You keep accusing me of saying something I never said nor intended.
      I tried at first to politely clarify what I meant and that it was in relation to Barney saying the game will likely fade away. Which, unfortunately, I agree with.
      I was not talking about xbox hating on the game.
      I was talking about wishing it was on xbox so the game had more sales and the dev more money to fix the problems the game has and add content to it so it does not fade away as Barney suggested.
      I've explained it several times but you insist on saying I meant something else.
      You can't possibly know what I meant and if my meaning was stated clearly in my first post that is why I clarified it for you.
      I don't know how else to explain it to you.
      I like the game and don't want it to fade away and I wish it had sold to the 22 million user base of the xbox one (as it was originally intended before the stupid flood they had) in hopes that it gave the dev enough money to survive the shitstorm it's in.
      Is it the devs fault? Sure. Is it right the game released broken? No. But there is nothing I can do about that. I don't agree it released in it's state (as you have claimed) but it has. So I hope it can be fixed and updated to what people expected before it dies off since (selfishly) I already paid for the damn thing digital and I'm stuck with it. If it fades I personally gain nothing but loss. If it grows, fixes it's problems and adds content then I win. An xbox one userbase added to the games userbase would help accomplish this I believe.

      I don't know how else to explain this to you.

      I never said i hated the game also. I like it for what it is but i feel like its lacking a lot of content. Something i really dont think adding an extra platform would help with. Like i said if anything releasing on the XB1 at the same time would of been worse as the game would of released with even less content and maybe even with more bugs.
      Then you would also have the xb fan base piling on etc.
      No Mans Sky doesnt need an extra platform to redeem itself it needs Sean to give some clear direction be more open and add more of what was promised for free.
      If he trys charging for DLC thats the end of No Mans Sky. However if he releases content updates for free he could keep this game going for years.

      on 22 August 2016

      That's perfectly fine and valid opinion.
      That's not what you said on the thread. You went off on me for something that was not my meaning even after I clarified politely at first.
      Disagreements are fine but you are disagreeing with something you assumed I meant which makes it impossible to debate anything with you.

      on 22 August 2016

      No i did say this to you in the thread go back and read it. I might not of said it exactly as i did here but then when a person is calling you a stalker and saying your emotional after writing one post to them clearly your not going to give them a proper reply.
      However thats my stance on the game. In fact i feel just like Angry Joe did. I loved the game for the first 8-10 hours until it hit me just how bare bones it is.
      But like i said adding another platform wont help with this. Adding more content for free will.

      on 22 August 2016

      That's fine. Like I said I don't have a problem with you disagreeing with me.

      All the other stuff I can do without. If you want to keep future discussions civil and based on what I'm saying then we won't have issues further.

      This discussion on your wall is much better than in threads as of late.

      on 22 August 2016

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      < Lrdfancypants posted something on Snoopy's wall

      Since we can't discuss on the thread
      I wasn't comparing MCC to SFV or denying it had a lot of content.
      I didn't even bring MCC into the conversation.

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