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    Wii U 2016 lineup looking solid

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 September 2015 by fedfed

    mario Sunshine HD in 2016 - Luigi mansion HD Xmas 2015! Plus Kid Icarus U Plus many more... please!...

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    Nintendo fans, are you more into Nintendo handhelds or consoles?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 September 2015 by zelmusario

    Roronaa_chan said:Pre-Wii: consoles Since the Wii: handhelds Pretty much this for me, too. With the exception of GBA. Once I got that baby in 2009 (I was late to the party), I played the crap out of it non-stop. I remember my original GB fondly and played that much more than my NES at the time. As far as current generations go, I really enjoyed my Wii and Wii U, but I've found many...

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    What if 2016 is the Wii U's peak year? Here's how it could happen

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 September 2015 by StarOcean

    2013 or 2014 was the Wii U's peak year. Next year, with hype with whatever the heck the NX is, will definitely overshadow any success the Wii U might have gained otherwise. Plus next year is going to be full of huge games, I doubt any of the Wii U's line up for next year, excluding Zelda U, will get much time to shine. ...

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    Nintendo and release dates

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 September 2015 by Platina

    It's a bit disappointing that games are not releasing when they first announce a release date, but I don't really mind because polish is really good for a game....

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    What was your first Mario game? When did you first play Mario?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 September 2015 by kanageddaamen

    Mario Bros at the arcade probably, somewhere around 1988 I would guess...

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    Wikipedia vs VGChartz, which one is more accurate?

    in Sales Discussion on 14 September 2015 by ethomaz

    Both wrongs but Wikipedia have official sources (outdated sources btw) in most cases....

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    Predict Super Mario Maker FW sales.

    in Sales Discussion on 14 September 2015 by AZWification

    Somewhere seems 650k and 750k seems realistic enough to me! We all know that its legs are going to matter more in the longrun however....

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    Nintendo Details its Holiday Line-up

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 August 2015 by Wyrdness

    A lot of the charm of NDs was Iwata, even if the mourning period wasn't an issue for them NDs still need to be handled with care. They most likely will continue NDs but you can't just have any old person up there doing it....

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    Which Are the First Five Games a Person Should buy with/after Wii U Purchase?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 August 2015 by MotherBound

    Earthbound Smash Mario Kart 8 Wind Waker HD Mario 3D World...

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    Why i buy Physical games.

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 August 2015 by xl-klaudkil

    ROBOTECHHEAVEN said:always get my games physical as we all should! whhahaha...

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    Why doesn't Nintendo make more games for it's systems?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 August 2015 by ultima-weapon

    JNK said: Wyrdness said: That just means they're more efficient with resources though it doesn't indicate a game being less demanding to develop, if you look at their output on both portable and console it just shows they handle development more efficiently and release more games then any other publisher while doing it, count up the number of first party releases on other platforms...

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    Digital VS Physical

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 July 2015 by The_Yoda

    Teeqoz said: The_Yoda said: Teeqoz said: RubberWhistleHistle said:this is obviously from the perspective of somebody who owns a ps4 or x1. none of this applies to wii u or 3DS owners I fail to see how which console you own is at all relevant to this... Heck, Captain_Yuri (in the third post in this thread) is a Wii U and 3DS owner, and he said he likes buying...

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    Will Wii U's Top Games Outsell GameCube's?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 July 2015 by HomokHarcos

    Wind Waker is on both top eights, awesome! OT looking at those eight I think it might just do it....

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    What COULD save the Wii U? It's pretty simple

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 July 2015 by NoirSon

    Outside of a price drop around the time of the release of a major title like maybe Super Mario Maker or Zelda Wii U, I can't honestly tell you. And by save, I don't mean win the console war, but extend the Wii U's life cycle for another couple of years. The fact is most are willing to write it out as of next year for the shadow that is the NX, a price drop along side a popular title will draw...

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    Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki June 15th - 21st 2015

    in Sales Discussion on 27 June 2015 by darkenergy

    RolStoppable said:Splatoon continues to sell at an incredible rate. I think it's time to look for more ambitious targets than Titanfall to beat. Let's see if it can topple Halo 5. Will Halo 5 beat Splatoon in Japan? No Will Splatoon beat Halo 5 worldwide? No...

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    Miyamoto: We're Not Interested In High End Specs (Hardware)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 June 2015 by zorg1000

    archer9234 said: zorg1000 said: archer9234 said: I care what I see now. Not what could happen in the future. And I will only belive it when I see it. Because how many years have Nintendo blunder their stuff. Lol than why even quote me in the first place? If I'm talking to another user about Nintendo's strategy going forward than why would u join the conversation if...

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    Is it possible Earth could be flat?

    in General Discussion on 25 June 2015 by Leadified

    Yeah this is going to get a lock. It's only going to go downhill from here, as other similar threads in the past have shown that have devolved into burning infernos. ...

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    It's time - Reggie needs to quit, Now!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 June 2015 by fireburn95

    TacticalWizardQuest said: I hate how he always complains to Geoff that people are never satisfied. That's a good thing! You don't want people to say they've had enough of your games. If people want to buy your products you should do all you can to meet that demand. Don't complain that people want more!   His preachy attitude is especially unwarrented now that their console isn't...

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    Yoshi´s Woolly World Reviews Thread (First reviews)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 June 2015 by manuel

    While I think that (due to the mentioned negatives) the review warrants a rating in the 7s (maybe in the high 7s, though), I just find it amusing that some other very famous game (won't mention it as not to derail this thread) got a better rating with a more negative sounding review....

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    Wii U 2015 - What games are you buying? (images inside!)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 June 2015 by midrange

    flagstaad said: midrange said: looking back, fast racing neo is an indie title, so I don't think they would put it up regardless. Devil's third and ff5 have tbd dates for NA, but I truly think the reason for excluding those 2 was to keep a family friendly list up there Let's go with your family friendly and not indie list... where is Mighty No 9 (which is getting a disc...

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