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    My first experience with the wii u!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 April 2015

    Good for you... Makes me want to buy a Wii U :D...

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    I hope the NX is a 10 year, mega powerful console, that is expensive.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 April 2015

    I do agree but, this could lead to Nintendo's bankruptcy. o.o ...

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    Star Wars Celebration: Battlefront Does Not Have a Campaign

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2015

    If there's no campaign (Or anything you can do in Single Player) and the launch price is at $50-$60, avoid it. Not worth it....

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    Prediction: 3DS will increase MORE than PS4 this year.

    in Sales Discussion on 18 April 2015

    Last year, I would believe that 3DS is going to have a blast because of Smash Bros. Now, it's hard to believe. Yeah, there is Majora's Mask 3D and Xenoblade Chronicles but, they were released before 3DS. If there's a new Pokemon game this year (Which is expected), Ik it's going to be a blast but, remember last 2013 that despite Pokemon X and Y's release, 3DS didn't sell a lot. 3DS's sale...

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    Is the Xbox Brand Simply Weaker Than the Playstation Brand?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2015

    Microsoft could have done better but, really, they did not do well last E3 of 2013 and even though those problems didn't exist anymore, that isn't only the problem. PlayStation 4's launch price was cheaper than Xbox One's launch price thus, PlayStation rises. Idk now though on which one is currently cheaper. Xbox does have a chance to beat PlayStation and that is through more (great)...

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    Anyone think the Dreamcast is over-rated now?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2015

    It's not overrated nor underrated. It was only a console that only has few good games on it's shelf....

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    Prediction: UbiSoft and EA are not coming back on nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 March 2015

    It really depends. Nintendo still has a lot of chances and the only way EA and Ubisoft is going to comeback is to increase the sales of their "Wii U." Nintendo has no more chances? They've been there from Nintendo 64 to Gamecube. Wii? It blew off the chart. Although, they're back down again, I am pretty sure they can climb back on top....

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    A question for every gamer.

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2015

    1. Haters gonna hate 2. Most people judge on the game by it's maturity and it's graphics. Speaking of number 2, here is the logic. Rated M + Good graphics = CoD CoD = Most hated franchise in gaming (IMO) The irony is real. If you don't like Nintendo, I respect that but, put some proof to it by trying to play their games at least once :)...

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    Which Zelda game will age the best? and the worst?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 March 2015

    I like Twilight Princess because of it's dark feeling but, Wind Waker will age the worst probably because people look down to it a lot....

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    Bloodborne PC Version(Rumor/Fake/?), PC petition and BLOODBORNE PRESSKIT IMAGES!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 24 March 2015

    It's not going to happen... HOWEVER, if it is not selling on PS4, I recommend Sony to release this game on PC....

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    Why is nobody hyped for this game except me?

    in Sony Discussion on 25 February 2015

    Obviously lack of promotion. I never heard of it because not much gaming community promote about it......

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    All of Capcom's million seller titles and million seller franchises

    in Sales Discussion on 16 February 2015

    Oh Resident Evil.... ...

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    Rayman DLC in Smash 4? EDIT: DEBUNKED!

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 February 2015

    Meh. I don't believe it....

    Write 28

    Good News Everyone, Captain Toad is undertracked!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 February 2015

    This game is safe to buy so, deserves to get high sales....

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    Star Fox U motion controls are not required confirmed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 February 2015

    Well, that's good news. I mean, it gives us a choice on which controls we are more comfortable with....

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    Prediction: Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Be A Bigger System Seller Than MK8/SSBU (in Japan)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 February 2015

    I disagree. Even though it's Japan, I think Mario Kart and Super Smash have a way bigger fan-base than X so......

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    Netflix Is making a live-action Zelda TV Series

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 February 2015

    It'd be better if it was a animated TV-Series rather than Live Action. Anyways, this show isn't even release yet and we'll just wait on how it turns out....

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    WW HW UP, week ending Jan 24

    in Latest Charts on 06 February 2015

    Wii U down again? That sucks... I mean, the Wii U is really great because of it's exclusives......

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    Driving me nuts!!!

    in PC Discussion on 06 February 2015

    Try to download and install Glary Utilities. Then, click the "one-click maintenance" thing then fix it then boom. This cleans your hard drive by deleting unnecessary files. This also clears the cache of your browser :)...

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    Sony Corp. to delay Q1 report over The Interview hack

    in Sales Discussion on 26 January 2015

    Hopefully, they'll be alright. I mean, making a film like The Interview was a big risk and despite it's success, this happens......

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