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    < Ganoncrotch posted something on Rayban99's wall:

    Even if what you said was correct steam has been going for 15 years, so something from a decade ago would still be linked to your account.

    That said.... have you really not heard of CDkeys or Steamkeys being used in the last 10 years? there is literally a site called cdkeys which sells games on the cheap, very strange to find someone so out of the loop they don't know about them.

    I've bought steam keys online many times. Those are not cd-keys and have no proof of purchase, they're gifts that are being re-sold. There is no way to use one to get a steam account back.

    Even if you had a half-life 2 CD from 2005 and the key on the case was linked to an account, that proves nothing. Why would they ever transfer ownership of a digital account based on somebody having a CD case in their possession lol.

    EA has done that many times where you have an online key linked to a physical copy of the game and if you sell it the new owner has to buy their own digital key. It's not as if having the case means EA will give you the person's EA account. So you speculation that he could reclaim his account using a "cd-key" makes no sense.

    on 28 January 2018

    Helped a mate reclaim their Battle net account by proving they were the ones that had owned the games by taking a picture of the CDkey used for the WoW and an expansion pack on the account.

    If you can prove you have the codes which were physically put into the account those are proofs of your purchase and your connection with the account, a hacker cannot physically have the box and CDkey which have been used to activate the games on a hacked account, how is this hard to understand? Unless a hacker also broke into your house and stole the boxes to the games you have activated on the account.

    Think about it a while, let it sink in then reply.

    on 29 January 2018

    Let what sink in lol...that would not work right now. Every account has an email and real world I.D liked to it. You would send them pictures of that, including Battle.net accounts. A CD-key is worthless.

    on 29 January 2018

    You would send them a picture of an email address? and you think a picture of your email account (which would be hacked to get access to your accounts online) would be a better way to prove you were the rightful owner of an account than a physical which can not be hacked from your house without an actual break in.

    Like I said, stop, think, don't reply I'm done with this.

    Or just write LOL again, because things on the internet are LOL worthy right?

    on 29 January 2018

    No you'd contact them through the linked email address obviously. Pretending to misunderstand because you know you're wrong... LOL.

    on 29 January 2018

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