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    iTechHeads "Nice to see PS4 going up and XB1 going down." 2. Week. Ban. Yup. Might as well keep your opinion
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      < iTechHeads updated their status:
      "Nice to see PS4 going up and XB1 going down." 2. Week. Ban. Yup. Might as well keep your opinions to yourselves people. God forbid some fanboy is offended by some strangers happiness to see their favorite platforms sales go down. Trolling? No. It's called a comment. This is the internet. I didn't provoke anyone with this comment. No one seemed to be offended by it in the thread I posted it in. So, again, I ask......really? I got a 2 week ban for this comment? What do you fellow Charterz think? Ridiculously strict or did the mod somehow take it the wrong way?
      I think you won't understand the forum rules so it's good that you're ban forever, bye.

      on 30 January 2015

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      < iTechHeads posted something on toastboy44562's wall

      ""Xbox One obviously if you want to play games or enjoy multimedia.""

      Comments like this are why he got banned. You see PS4 has games and multimedia too. Everyone knows that. These type of passive aggressive posts are Toastboys specialty. He did it so much that he became a master troll and even got away with many flamebait threads. I can't remember how many threads I backed out of just because I saw he was the one who created it. He always had an agenda and many times he didn't even participate in his own threads at all and just let other fight it out while he watched people get banned left and right.

      Good riddance. Rest In Pieces.

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      < iTechHeads posted something on toastboy44562's wall

      Good riddance. Bait thread after bait thread. I'm surprised it took this long.

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      < iTechHeads posted something on Koalabear's wall

      Why did toast boy get banned? I'm glad he did but I'm just wondering what finally pushed mods over the edge?

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      < iTechHeads posted something on NintendoPie's wall

      "the entire market has forgotten what a Wii U even is."
      Can't believe you actually got banned for saying that. You're not wrong and the sales on this site prove it.

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