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    Permaban - Trolling (Wii told U that if you didn't Switch *snaps fingers* your behavior, you'd have to find somewhere else to discuss your game, boy. Those are the rules. Get N or get out. At the end of the day, this site is an Entertainment System for everyone's enjoyment. With the work of a good community and the staff to keep it high quality I might even say it's a Super Entertainment System. For that reason, your behavior isn't acceptable. Being so puerile will likely not help help you in any online environment so might I suggest remaining SP? If you're just an alt then I hope we eventually get a Dual Screen'ing system or two in place for future new accounts. Possibly even 3. For those reading this, I realize how lame it comes off. If you think this is bad, imagine my pick up game. It's so square, it's Cube. ) ~ trasharmdsister12 [8374268]

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    < Anfebious posted something on mariotgp's wall:

    ... mariotgp... Mario the gay plumber? Is that what your username means? :P

    No, "The" for T is correct, GP means another thing :P

    on 14 August 2015

    Damn! At least I have one right... GP huh? I'll try to think about it, I'm not through with your username!

    on 14 August 2015

    < The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on mariotgp's wall:

    Why don't you go here?

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    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch bundle leaked

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 April 2017

    Bandorr said: Nice, although I hope it actually has a bundled cost. $300 + $50 costing $350 is not a bundle imo. Don't be a cheapskate, the bundle worth the 350 price tag The switch will dominate this gen! - User was moderated for this post - ~tads12...

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    Horizon Zero Dawn Predicted To Sell 8 Million Units, Close To Uncharted 4

    in Sales Discussion on 12 April 2017

    LOL of course not, you will see it in the bargain bin a year from now; while breath of the wild actually reaches more than 8 million :D...

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    Will Sony ever try another mid-cycle console upgrade?

    in Sony Discussion on 01 April 2017

    Yeah, I think it's time for them to stop trying to compete with the Switch The ps4 flopped big time and obviously the ps4 is gonna be destroyed in sales by the switch Moderated - Miguel...


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