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    Conspiracy Theory: Is Trump illiterate?

    in Politics Discussion on 20 February 2017

    If you can't read or write you should not be able to use Twitter. And his acc has to be managed by himself. No one else would be able to hit the post button after writing the stuff Trump tweets. ...

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    Nintendo Switch Will Not Support a Web Browser at launch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 February 2017

    Wow they killed Bhax before it was born haha. They are so dedicated to patch homebrew rn. Or stuff programmed by fans in general. Understandable but less features is not a selling point either. ...

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    Games that ruined entire franchises

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 January 2017

    Guys where is your trust. Xeno2 features sword waifus. It's bound to be fine haha...

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    Gal Gun Double Peace sells 100,000 copies worldwide

    in Sales Discussion on 27 January 2017

    Haha I bought it too. Great it was a success. Hope more will follow that example. Hearing stories like that makes them really likeable as a developer, too. ...

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    Will the Nintendo hatedom go down after the Switch reveal?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 January 2017

    I guess not, and I hope not. Don't even care how different their console is. They deserve criticism as long as they treat consumers like trash. Well, I guess the hype will blind some people and make them forget though....

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    SEGA Saturn DRM protection cracked! SEGA doomed?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 July 2016

    Sounds like a job for segata sanshiro. Come back our hero, the world needs you! ...

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    Nintendo has pulled the Ultimate middle finger to their core fans for the last 3 generations.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 June 2016

    Better hardware does not always mean better games. Because you still have to work an them. But weaker hardware STILL means weaker games. It restricts development and the evolution of their IPs. And hardware is not just about graphic. Nintendo tries to makes up for it with their ideas and unique gameplay, so the games are still fun. But often it does not mean a big evolution. Its just...

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    How many unannounced Wii U First Party Games are left?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 April 2016

    -1 Zelda gets cancelled....

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    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is heavily censored

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 April 2016

    Sex sells and it always will. It's an Atlus Jrpg, set in Tokyo with pop idols, seriously... The game is niche anyway and they still bother to tease one of their target groups like that? Especially after everything Nintendo did before? There is always the option to buy it used. Of course I want this great game but if I also want this, should I say, "anti-boob agenda" to change, than I'd ...

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    XCX saw a lot more censorship than you think

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 March 2016

    Does not matter how it's called. I'd say Xenoblade should become an M rated IP anyway. I dislike Nintendos aggressive ways to make everything kid friendly. And if Nintendo still thinks I can't handle their boobs, than I think Nintendo can't handle my money. ...

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    Reason why Sony discontinued the PS Vita TV

    in Sony Discussion on 01 March 2016

    Understandable. It's great to see sony saying the vita is doing good. ...

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    Am I the only Nintendo fan here who's not a huge Pokemon fan?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 February 2016

    You are not a huge fan. But you are still a fan. And you want to buy one of the next games. So you are one of us. Come here buddy. ...

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    More Fire Emblem Fates Censorship! Bikini Outfits Removed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 February 2016

    I know it might sound really shocking for some of you, but I am actually someone who likes boobs. I also like games with violence and dark stories and I enjoyed many fire emblem games before. But yes yes I am such a disgrace for every fandom because I dare to put hot outfits on my characters. But if Nintendo tries so hard to stay in the teen ratings than I guess I am not part of their main...

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    Future of the Next Pokemon Games, Possibly Hinted by Anime Eps? (Anime Going Through Gyms Faster)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 April 2015

    There are no facts at this point. Its likely that they do what they always did in the past, yes. But thats not what I think. Lets blow everyones mind and say Gen 6 is over. Gen 7 will start end of 2015 beginning of 2016 and we will geht this announcement in the next 30 days. And we could complete the national pokedex with xyoras for this very reason....

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    Is Nintendo going to take down Mother 4?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 April 2015

    They propably will. Because I guess Nintendo these days loves to screw with consumers. Even though they dont really gain anything from it. If they plan to make Mother 4 in near future themselves, be my guest and take it down. If not, what they "should" do is support them. Contact them. Allow them to make it for Wii U. A cheap sequel with a huge fanbase just like that for Wii U would at...

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    Nintendo Direct 04/01 - It's Over! Links inside!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 March 2015

    Hope they will reveal the "Super Wii U 2"...

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    Any game(s) that you would recommend that's like 999 and Virtue's Last Reward?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2014

    Danganronpa is not just similar. I am pretty sure it was  highly inspired by Zero Escape. I mean just look at the names of the trophies....

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    Which Nintendo series will live longer: Mario or Pokemon?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 July 2014

    sidmeiernintifan said:The problem with pokemon is you can't create new pokemon forever, they should stop perhaps with pokemon number 1000 Sure they can. As long as we player accept it. And we will. Because it's Pokemon, and we won't let it die. Even if all the new Pokemon are ugly.. we still have old Pokemon. And we still have Mega Evolutions for old Pokemon. Pokemon will not die in...

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    Money making pokemon?? Why megas?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 July 2014

    Megas in general are not the problem. Mawille and Kangaskhan are the problems. Jeez people should stop to hate stuff just because it's not "fair" for other pokemon. Or who wants a new generation without new water pokemon because it would be just fair for other types to catch up? Pokemon was NEVER fair. And thats good because it would not be so popular otherwise. ...

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    Solid Snake is now a pony

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 July 2014

    Well, I support this. (And hugging a real snake doll would be kind of awkward so why not?)...

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