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    Another Day in the US

    in Politics Discussion on 25 May 2018

    Guess children will never stop killing each other in this hell of a country, because many people rather stick their heads to the ground while having guns in their butts. How you can actually telling yourself a ban of guns would not prevents victims at all is beyond me. Of course criminals don't care about laws. These nasty little children will just buy them from the blackmarked. Bet they...

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    Goku for Smash 5? I say YES!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 March 2018

    Now that I think about it, he would be the first character who did not originally came from a game, huh. But I don't see why it even matters. And goku would be a relatively easy character to create in smash bros, too. They picked much weirder characters before. ...

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    Worst Looking Blu-rays Ever

    in Movies Discussion on 21 March 2018

    yet another unrealistic beauty standard for blue-rays...

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    Which Is A Bigger Threat To Humanity? Science Or Religion?

    in General Discussion on 10 January 2018

    Can only talk about christianity, but god being real would be the worlds biggest threat of all time. Guess it's more or less harmless as long as they are wrong. Science might lead to destruction, but it is still essential to prevent our extinction. We have to research a lot, and we have to do it now, before we lose too many ressources. ...

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    Zelda Breath of the Wild Director Has 'Lots of Ideas' for Future Zelda Content

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 December 2017

    Botw was great. I just hope one his ideas involves Ganondorf this time. And linkle. ...

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    Recommend me some Visual Novels?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 November 2017

    I also really recommend Steins;Gate. And I also want more people to check out "Myth". Even though understanding the plot can be a challenge because of how complex it is. It turned out to be one of my all-time favorites, though, personally....

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    Does Canada actually exist?

    in General Discussion on 07 November 2017

    Canada is just as real as bielefeld, maybe. ...

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    Team Rocket Return In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 October 2017

    Arminillo said: Tsubasa said: The games are the only canon which actually permanently disbanded Team Rocket. I...

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    Team Rocket Return In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 October 2017

    The games are the only canon which actually permanently disbanded Team Rocket. I considered that waste, or mistake, so bringing them back somehow would be a personal dream of mine. Just hope these are not just some random ex-members who kept their sprites....

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    Dead Nintendo Franchises to Revive?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 October 2017

    1) Rune Factory 2) Golden Sun 3) Kid Icarus .. =( But since it is not on the list I guess I will settle with Advance Wars and EarthBound/Mother. At least release Mother 3 in English already.. ...

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    Shin Megami Tensei V for Switch officially announced, New Trailer.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 October 2017

    Persona 5 for Switch...SMT V for PS4.... What will people say about the teaser of the Switch exclusive Persona Q2 someday, I wonder ...

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    Best Waifu of 2017?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 September 2017

    I support Karen as well. Even though I decided to love Chiaki, Karen really deserves the spot imo. ...

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    Yakuza Kiwami Discussion: What's your progress so far?

    in Sony Discussion on 31 August 2017

    I will buy Kiwami too, eventually. I will go for plat even though it will take a while. I just love Yakuza too much. Maybe I play Zero first, though....

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    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Knack 2 Needs Your Vote!

    in Website Topics on 30 August 2017

    After all this time I still have no idea if the game is generally liked or disliked. ...

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    Bleach Live Action Movie - Teaser Trailer

    in Movies Discussion on 07 July 2017

    Feels good for now. But that one clip does not say much. I liked bleach. I dropped it at some point but up to that point it was not too bad. The movie will most likely change a ton of stuff since it's just a movie, but I hope for the best. Anyway, it said Gantz. How is Gantz involved in this? The same team or something? ...

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    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2017

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 June 2017

    I played Xeno 1 and X. This franchise is still the shit. Day one for me too. ...

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    "Valve is not your friend, and Steam is not healthy for gaming"

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2017

    Of course steam is evil, they won't allow uncensored eroge....

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    I ate a Lion imported from Ukraine.

    in General Discussion on 10 May 2017

    I ate a milky way once. Sometimes I can still hear the screams ...

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    Nintendo Switch to have Missions, not Achievements?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 March 2017

    Guess it's kinda like Uplay. Just worse. Sure in Nintendo's eyes a "reward" is something that makes us spend even more money. But tbh a chance of a useless zelda platinum would make me want to play zelda more. A 15% discount of mario kart deluxe does not, really. Get the setup right. I am a collector and completionist not a cash cow. But maybe I am too quick to judge....

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    Trump renounces U.S. citizenship, moves to Russia

    in Politics Discussion on 27 February 2017

    Always nice to read totally-not-fake news every once in a while. ...

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