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    15 minutes gameplay from Rise of the Tomb Raider

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 September 2015

    Woah...I was looking forward to this game :-O But there are some real problems especially with some animations, effects and the AI. Hopefully it is an older build since the release is less than 2 months away. Otherwise they shouldn't release it in this state or only slightly better state...but they will either way....

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    Driveclub Is Going To Look Even Better

    in Sony Discussion on 22 September 2015

    I hope for better AA. This game just looks so amazing overall that it makes even some very minor aliasing noticeable....

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    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review Thread - MC: 93/ GR: 91.59%

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 August 2015

    Of course this game is amazing. Were there ever any doubts? Why would anyone even doubt about Hideo Kojima?...

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    Until Dawn Impressions thread.

    in Sony Discussion on 22 August 2015

    Not this again...and then you give such people extra spotlight on a forum. Why? There are already numerous positive impressions! Why don't add them, huh?...

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    The Highest Paid Actresses And Actors Of 2015

    in Movies Discussion on 21 August 2015

    I sooo want to watch a Jackie Chan movie! Good news is there are a few movies in the making. I'm definitely ready for a good one with Jackie....

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    [RUMOR] PS4 firmware update 3.0 details leak (and it's mainly social crap)

    in Sony Discussion on 11 August 2015

    I'm actually pretty stoked for this "social crap". Some of the stuff sounds really interesting....

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider Gamescom Demo

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 August 2015

    Looks great, could be (one of) the game(s) to get an Xbox One for. Nonetheless, I hope they are still not done especially refining the hair-tech and overall animations, and I don't mean the usual polishing prior release. Could live with those animations, though, but definitely not with the free-floating hair....

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    So I just played TLOU for the first time..

    in Sony Discussion on 11 July 2015

    This game is so special and it's great to see that so many people have this same feeling too. And now I think it's time to replay it again :-)...

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    Horizon: Zero Dawn announced! (PS4 exclusive from Guerrila Games)

    in Sony Discussion on 16 June 2015

    Stopped breathing during that trailer :-O...

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    Most promising new IP at this years E3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 June 2015

    I had my mouth open almost all the time during that presentation of Horizon. So looking forward to it! So, yeah I picked Horizon, but Unravel and Dreams also look very interesting....

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    The Last of Us is a good game…nothing more, nothing less

    in Sony Discussion on 19 May 2015

    Well, whatever you like; you are of course entitled to your own it's okay. But I don't see the point why you had the feeling to open a new thread. Still, I will put in my two cents to this: Soundtrack was actually the one and only piece of music I remember from a game in the last couple of years. You always hear almost the same music especially in AAA games nowadays. And The Last...

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    Exclusive games are Coming to an End

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2015

    I think the amount of exclusives will remain similar to the last years. I just don't see the drastic disappearence happening. Ever....

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    in Gaming Discussion on 01 March 2015

    Lots of great exclusive games coming this year. However, there are some games that sadly won't be released in 2015, e.g. Rime, What Remains of Edith Finch, Abzu. I also think that Wild is more of a 2016 title....

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    The Order 1886 complete playthrough.(Updated) -The Order 1886 has replayability according to an interview-

    in Sony Discussion on 16 February 2015

    Don't worry about the game length. I received the game early and completed it by yesterday. Played non-stop 5-6 hours on two days, so overall it took me 10-12 hours for completion. I think it already speaks for the game that I played so many hours straight per day. The Order: 1886 has so much to was such a joy playing it through. Oh man...and today, what did I do? Well, one...

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    Something's missing this generation...what is it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 February 2015

    I believe it's the same problem as the last generation: The first and partially second year of a new gen usually do not see really great games. Now we had seen so many highly anticipated games that did not deliver e.g. recently Evolve and most famously Destiny. But look, the great games are coming! This year! :-) If I only think about Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, Batman, Uncharted 4, Halo to name...

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    PS4 is getting new features very slow. What do you think?

    in Sony Discussion on 10 February 2015

    Yes, that's also exactly how I think, there were no updates with mentionable improvements for months now, and those stability updates don't do much either. But I personally actually don't miss any features, but, of course, there are still long-promised features that have to come and some are waiting for them eagerly. So, yes(!) IMO the PS4 is getting new features too slow. The sooner the...

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    PS4 sales 2014 vs 2015 - Week by Week Comparison - UP 35,162 Units YoY

    in Sony Discussion on 06 February 2015

    Great thread!...

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    The Order: 1886 Is 10 Hours Long On Average/Shorter If You Miss A Lot Of Stuff..

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 February 2015

    Why do some people actually believe nonsense like this unconfirmed 5 hour playthrough :-O Some also really love jumping to conclusions. Why don't just wait until concrete information? I guess I will never get this... Anyway, The Order: 1886 is already pre-ordered, and I just can't wait to finally play it :-)...

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    Life is Strange is AMAZING and you should all play it

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 February 2015

    I can confirm that! It's worth your time and money :-) Even though I'm not sure yet if I will play the upcoming episodes immediately or rather wait until all episodes are's a story and character driven game after all....

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    The Video Game Awards Thread! The Show is Live! Come Chat!

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 December 2014

    Will there be a spoiler-free archived stream after the show? That would be really cool for those who can't watch it live :-)...

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