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My thoughts on the Tekken tournament:

1. The skill gap between East and West hardly changed. Thailand and the Philippines sent 1 player each, Pakistan sent 2, Japan and Korea around 11 each. Barring two of them (Mimi and Kkokkoma), they all made the top 48, and 7 of them made the top 8. The US had over a 1000 players and none made the top 8 in their own turf.

2. Super happy for Khan's performance, he needed that to clear up his name after a part of the Pakistani community accused him of cheating (Started by a salty Bilal) and SpeedKicks adding fuel to the fire.

3. I feel bad for Gen. For two consecutive years, he was argubly the most consistent Tekken player in the world, but his performance tanked this year. Still a great player and could have probably beaten Khan with freaking Shaheen if he didn't mess up that combo. I don't understand why he went with Shaheen but who am I to judge his decisions anyway.

4. Pinya vs Jeondding is the set of the year. Pinya pretty much carried Japan into the top 8. Not Gen, not Nobi, and certainly not my man Chikurin.

5. US players have developed a familiarity with Arslan's gameplayer style to the point of being much worse for him than Japanese and Korean players (Knee excluded). CuddleCore beat his ass 2-1 with 6 consecutive rounds the other day, and now Shadow 6-0's him. Several US playres are beating or giving him trouble in short sets. It's interesting to see.

6. Doujin's loss to Meo-IL was a heartbreaker. Dude played out of his mind.

My thoughts on Pakistanis being an unbeatable army of "Arslan Ashes":

This narratiive has been debunked multiple times already. Arslan Ash is comfortably the strongest Pakistani player. The gap between the top 5 Pakistani players and those outside the top 20 is quite big. When Chikurin visited Pakistan, everyone made a fuss about how he was destroyed, which isn't quite true. Chikurin played against the top 19 Pakistanis hand-picked by Arslan Ash. He won/dominated 13 sets and lost 7. 3 of the sets he lost were to Akuma players. It's widely known that the world struggles against Akuma, especially at that time. Pakistani players admittedly dropped their mains in favor of Akuma to capitalize on Korean/Japanese players' weakness as well as Akuma being OP. Aside from Arslan Ash, their fundamental game isn't better or worse. They're comparable.

When Knee went to Pakistan, he played against some 40 players in long sets and crushed the majority of them in a VERY dominant fashion (even Ash lost 5-15 to him). Knee only lost to 3 Pakistanis then: Heera Malik, The Jon, and Meruem. As it stands, Knee is the world's best player. Arlsan Ash has better reactions (Knee is 37) but that's about his only advantage. Knee's Feng is looking unstoppable right now and I'm not basing this off his Evo performance, but rather his recent performances in general. He's an absolute machine with unparalleled knowledge, adaptation, and situational awareness.

Now that Ash is in the losers bracket, I just don't see Knee losing this one. Nothing is impossible mind you but Knee's Feng is frighteningly good right now.