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Spreadsheet updated.

Global hardware declined by almost 25% year over year, but global software by less than 10%. There are regional differences: Japan's hardware is down by ~35%, software by less than 1%; Americas' hardware down by almost 20%, software by more than 20%; Europe's hardware up by 2%, software the same; Other's hardware down by 45%, software up by almost 30%. Other is certainly a victim of the component shortages, because the other regions will be priorities for Nintendo. The regional differences in software shipments are owned to the software lineup where America got the short end of the stick this time around.

With component shortages expected to ease up and a strong fall lineup, Nintendo shouldn't have too much problems to match their forecasts for this fiscal year. Hardware is notably down for the first quarter in comparison to the previous two years, but still notably above the 2019 level which finished as a 21m year, so the same as this fiscal year's forecast.

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