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trunkswd said:

No update on PS4 shipments. At least not yet. So that might be it for the console. Though we shall see. Also we do generally match when the PS5 hit 20 million sold which was at the end of May/beginning of June. They didn't provide an exact date. So adjustments for PS5 would only be for June. 

I think this basically means that PS4 hasn't hit 117.10M yet, as Sony can't update the following decimal number after the previous update - 117M

They will probably update it to 117.10M in the next quorter ending september. And maybe once more after holidays or march of next year to 117.20M

Anyway you are right, it's not doing more than that.

P.S. Also why there are some places on the web (even wikipedia) where it says 117.2 shipped as of march 2022 ? I am confused.

Last edited by yo33331 - on 29 July 2022