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Otter said:
twintail said:

If TloU remake hits this year alongside FF16, it'll be a fantastic back half of 2022. Just need confirmation of GoW's release date, and an update on Gran Blue Relink.

I think GOW/FF16/Forsaken all arriving in the same quarter is actually bad. Better to spread them out. 

Chances are FF16 is early 2023 (like March)

Would love for GOW to be an early September release even if its looking unlikely at this point, it would allow Hogwarts and Avatar to have some breathing room. I think the most likely outcome:

-Forsaken: October
-Hogwarts: November
-TLOU: November
-GOW: December
-Avatar: February 
-Final Fantasy 16: March
-PlaystationVR2: April

Yeah, GoW will most likely be sooner rather than later.

I also don't see Ff16 and TloU hurting one another. Forspoken? Probably so, but unless that gets a stellar turn around, I think it's not going to do well regardless