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TallSilhouette said:
Hiku said:

apparently I got accepted to the current Beta. Just received an e-mail.

I signed up the day the game was announced but haven't heard anything back yet. I tried resubmitting for the alpha/beta yesterday and today but trying to sign up or sign in just gives me an error message. >:(

The email I got today was from signing up the day the game was announced as well.
Apparently now you need to make a Warner brothers account? I don't remember doin that before.

But I signed up for a friend today, so I went through that process. It was pretty quick actually. No verification was necessary.
Not sure if my friend got in already, but it kinda looks like it, cause under "My Betaversions", the May 19 Beta is listed.

So maybe he received an email already. Haven't been able to verify cause my friend went AFK.

Last edited by Hiku - on 17 May 2022