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Runa216 said:

Is this a good selection? I genuinely don't know.

Also, how does it compare, numbers-wise to GamePass? I can't seem to get any sort of consistency with answers on that. I search "How many games are on GamePass" and I get answers ranging from "over 100" to 460. I went to the Gamepass Library and it looks like 460 is the answer but if that's the case then why only market it as that instead of 'over 450 games'? I just don't get it. Likewise, anyone know what the current PSNow library is at? When I looked a while back I saw it as 700 but that seems absurdly high so I doubt that's the case.

The difference has been that PSNow has more games, but GP leans more towards more recent releases whereas PSNow is generally older.

Here we're getting more newer stuff, + Ubisoft stuff as well.