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IcaroRibeiro said:
trunkswd said:

Worldwide that would have been nearly impossible. Most people are predicting a closer gap than the PS4 and Xbox One with Xbox Series X|S only outselling the PS5 in the Americas, and maybe the UK.

Every week Xbox outsell PS5 one or two users come to say Xbox will outsell PS5 by the end of generation 

Stock is all over the place, so it is really hard to say. But just by going history PS5 should end up selling more worldwide in the end. Instead of 117M for PS4 vs 50M for X1, I'd expect something more like 100M-110M for PS5 and 75M-85M for XS.

Xbox had really good stock in the US in March, which pushed it well above PS5 for the month. While, PS5 had really good stock in Europe in April, which pushed it ahead.

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