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SegaHeart said:
RolStoppable said:

Communists. Woke. Antifa.

Those 3 sound horrible, though Woke sounds less mean.

"Woke", by political definition, isn't mean at all. It is what it sounds like — aware and attentive. It has only been used as a negative connotation from sides who oppose its larger stating ideologies. 

Antifa, also by definition, isn't horrible either. What some do while claiming to support it doesn't refute its original meaning and purpose (Anti-Fascist). Much like BLM is sometimes called a "terrorist group" or "like the KKK" while being nowhere close to either description, despite what a few strays might do. Their message is simple and effective, not destructive and divisive (like that of a group like the Ku Klux Klan — originally a fraternal college organization birthed after the Emancipation Proclamation [abolishment of slavery]).

Communism, well, that's where things take a real downturn. Excellent read on that here.