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zorg1000 said:
RolStoppable said:

Ah yes, one of these old threads that were filled with hamster posts.

As for the topic itself, 80m turned out to be a low hurdle.

People like Quickrick, Lawlight & Potatohamster being gone has made this site so much more boring.

Certainly, but at the same time there's always the lingering question how the mod team would handle a spiritual successor to any of them. The discussions with these people look hilarious in hindsight, but at the time they occured, it was common that they were exhausting because they were spread over multiple threads concurrently.

More generally speaking, the site has become more boring because the most prominent critics of Nintendo - the PS fanbase - has eroded over the years. Part of it has to be that Switch sold too well to get away with trolling, but another part of it is also their involvement in pre-Switch launch threads where they embarrassed themselves with their strong opinions.

Then there's the lack of software sales estimates due to digital games growing more important, so since the start of 2019 more and more people in general left the VGC forum. This did not only affect sales discussion, but general gaming discussions as well. Nowadays we have the situation that the number of comments on articles is commonly higher than in the corresponding threads on the forum; that is, if the forum even gets a corresponding thread made.

The bottom line is that far fewer active people overall means a lot less interesting characters, be it good or bad.

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