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Edit this: Reiterate from page 2 Canelo didn't use his usual style like when he fought GGG 

from the other thread Canelo being flat footed since his existance really hurts him some people born with fast feet others born flat foot Canelo is a flat foot so he 100% relies on upperbody headmoves, also Canelo traps no longer work etc alot of stuff in this video below because Bivol style.

This is why I love boxing, I love Canelo but this youtuber studied why Bivol took every tool and trap canelo did his whole life away his jab was counter jabbed by the athletism of Bivol. Yes Canelo is flat footed he was born like that but it's reynoso style. Bivol studied Canelo very good. Bivol was a pure boxer like what the Mayweathers said a Pure boxer will beat Canelo 10/10 times though Canelo might get the best of few slick boxers like Billy Joe Saunders because they are not Athletic like Bivol and Boxers like Billy Joe get ko'd easily . Bivol took shots from canelo to see if he can take them he definately could Bivol never been dropped ever and Smith JR hits harder than Canelo at 175lbs. Theres an upcoming war with Joe Smith Jr from USA vs Beterbiev they both punch harder because they are 175lbs naturally. Canelo is natural 168lbs him going up made him tired and slower. Canelo keeps punching the Bivol arms because of lounges he does always and is negated from Bivol Athletism of his high guard. WHich is why Bivol won 10 rounds and Canelo won 2 rounds. I'm unsure about a rematch? Bivol has same stradegy with this against the flat foot and traps and counter jab Canelo jab the next time Bivol will add more in his arsanol of We'll see an improved Bivol from Canelo vs Bivol 1 to a more wiser Bivol in Canelo vs Bivol 2. Bivol trainer Joel DIaz knows he has a genuine smart pure boxer with granite chin in Bivol. I don't know if Canelo should get the rematch? Joel Diaz wants another pay check hoping Canelo goes for the rematch against The Athletic Pure Boxer. I want Canelo to win but the odds Bivol possess in this video shows Canelo Used everything and nothing was done many people are saying ditch Reynoso because Reynoso has no plan B ? or Plan C? the Canelo corner did everything but I'm sad. Canelo is made for a Boxer like Bivol like people say style makes fights and Bivol style though not Mayweather has the Athletism and foot work that counters Canelo footwork . It's disgusting Canelo is tailor made for Bivol which is why Bivol won.Canelo won't ditch Reynoso because Reynoso made Canelo today.Reynoso only taught Canelo all front foot traps that's it for his traps and Bivol took all that away. This reminds me of me meeting Evo fighting gamer players that have too much info.

Canelo might of lost but since he gained weight to 174lbs his stamina depleted from carrying muscle going up and down weights alot though, when he fought Kovalev he didn't have his muscles depleted wasn't slowed down I think he was 174lbs there too if I remember? Canelo is having the Roy Jones Jr effect probably? Where Roy Jones lost to Antonio Tarvor and such but that was a dramatic weight decrease from Heavyweight to light heavy weight for Roy Jones Jr if I remember? For Canelo it was reverse second weight increase to 175 slowed him the muscles depleted his energy muscles take alot of oxygen ask body builders when they fight thats why very muscle-y type dudes gas quickly. It's smart Canelo wants the Bivol rematch at 168lbs, Bivol footwork might slow him down in 168lbs hopefully? While Canelo is at peak 168lbs. Smart rematch in second fight to see what Bivol arsenal of tools loses going down? Bivol might have the drained effect on him like Canelo was weight drain by Floyd Mayweather when Mayweather knew Canelo could no longer make 154lbs much less 152lbs. When Canelo was 23 years old.

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