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shikamaru317 said:

Haven't played either as of yet, Horizon 2 because I want to play it on PS5 instead of PS4 and won't be buying a PS5 until a Slim mode is released, Elden Ring because I need to wait on like a $20 price tag or Gamepass release before I'm willing to take a risk on a game that may be too hard for me to beat. Considering how much I dislike ultra hard games I will probably like Horizon 2 more, but Elden Ring seems like it might be the better game for me if it had an easy mode, but that will never happen sadly.

I went over this in a thread before: From Software finally added an Easy Mode to their game (

But they did kind of put an easy mode in Elden Ring. It's just not a menu to toggle, but the ability to overpower yourself if you want to, and to go do something else to have fun, because even story bosses are not mandatory in this game until late/end game.
Even end game bosses can be trivialized if you want to go that route, and you'll get there while still playing the game as normal. (So I'm not talking about grinding levels, although you can do that as well.)

The game is as difficult or easy as you want it to be.

Last edited by Hiku - on 08 May 2022