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Hello VGChartz! I'd like to make a few announcements today. The first is in regards to one of our Moderators!

Although he has been my 2nd In Command for a while now, I'd like you to formally congratulate Hiku on his promotion to a new position called Mod Plus+. This means that you can bring any elevated issues to him should I not be around as he is also in a larger role as mod. I felt that his performance over the past few years (including availability, pinpoint accuracy on moderation issues, and willingness to work a little closer with the community) warranted a bit of recognition. So, again, congratulations @Hiku

Thanks again to all staff that have helped keep VGChartz afloat through many, many transitions, as well as new site staff like Moderators, Site Admins, and Writers! Hope everyone has a marvelous day!

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 26 April 2022