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Ka-pi96 said:

Depends on the type of zombie. Some of them are dead, some are still living people just with a virus/disease completely destroying their mental capacity.

In the former case it would be necrophilia, yes. The latter wouldn't, it would still be rape though, essentially the same as raping somebody in a vegetative state.

Oh, and either way there's an incredibly high chance that sexual contact would result in you becoming a zombie too.

I missed this but, What about Zombies like Hsein Ko that have full mental control and have deep emotions like those seen in darkstalkers anime movie? If the latter is just still living with disease completely destroying their mental capacity? But for some reason Hsein Ko Mental capacity isn't destroyed?

Edit more info, watch whole video above Chinese Zombie really knows what's right and what's wrong compared to the men that wanna kill her, Anita and spiders, and Donovan. 4:30 mark so much volition and emotion to help those that are dying. but watches whole video.

Last edited by SegaHeart - on 26 April 2022

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