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It'd be Breath of the Wild for Switch, a used copy at that, but it's kinda weird. I'd made the switch to all-digital all the way back in 2013/2014 during the Wii U days, I only decided to get BotW physical because getting a used one was cheaper and I'd already played through the game before. Besides, having only one physical game doesn't negate the biggest advantage of digital in my opinion, which is to be able to play any game on the fly.

The last game I bought while still on the mindset of having them physically, though, that I'm not sure. I suppose I got Metroid: Samus Returns in 2017 too, because I never went digital on the 3DS.

Edit: actually, I just remembered I bought Persona 5 Royal in 2020. Physical, because I don't have a PS4, so at least I could own the game and play it on a PS4 whenever I had the chance. I lent the game to a friend though, and he's had it since, hence why I forgot.

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