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SegaHeart said:

Mario Kart 9 rumored to include Pikman , Star Fox , Arms etc.

do you guys think in the future it'll turn into Nintendo all Stars racing? like smash bros? would be cool inviting Sonic and invite Banjo and Kazooie again like they did in Smash Bros?

I'm blushing at the thought of Sega Allstars racing other cast joining this Kart racer? if it turns into Smash Bros Karting?

Expand on the Mario cast first, the franchise got too much potential roster places to simply become a pseudo-smash. Although Smash players would freaking love the idea, it would simply break the "Mario Kart" spirit honestly. A few guest characters from Nintendo is alright but it does not need to become a main feature.

Anywoo, rumor read itself like a parody of someone's wild expectations, so I'm not believing any of this before we get an actual presentation of the next Mario Kart.

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