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EricHiggin said:
twintail said:

Well, its not free. Just not tied to a subscription, but I get where you're coming from.

That said, streaming would be the premium piece here allowing ppl to play where ever and on whatever they wish.

Ya that's the thing. Locking it down to the service would get some push back (dunno how much exactly), even from some XB fans.

Depends on if BC will be done entirely through streaming or not. I'd assume PS3 games will still be streaming only, so that would mean top tier.

SNY could have BC as a totally separate option where anyone can buy PS1, PS2, and PSP, BC games for cheap and emulate them on PS4 and PS5.

My second take on it here makes more sense if this were to be the case.

$29 - PS Pass - (basic online gaming access for all games)

$69 - PS Pass Plus - (PS Plus as it exists with it's online access, free games, and discounts)

$149 - PS Pass Premium - (PS Plus, PS Now, day 1 exclusive new IP, all BC games available, previews and early access, VIP discounts)

I know SNY offering a lower tier than $60 Plus right now seems unlikely, but that very well may be offset by a PS Pass Plus and Premium.

Anyone with PS4 or PS5 could still pay to download and play PS1, PS2, and PSP games this way. Premium get's you all that and PS3 streaming.

Day 1 exclusive new IP would be perfect for SNY marketing to be able to say they're offering exclusives on the service without putting the known heavy hitters on there. They would also get the benefit of more early exposure to new IP without having to rely on a $70 gamble as some see it.

Sure, there's definitely a lot of ways Sony could go about some of these supposed features, like BC. If Sony can offer native/ emulated versions (that could be separately bought) that would be ideal. I just personally see this as being more effort than it's worth. But if Sony can pull it off, then great.

In this regard, I do think that Sony needs to be all-in with their own titles. Of course not every game can be brought forward (like the GT series), but Sony needs to really push to have any many titles as possible. 

On another note, I'm not sure if Sony would offer a lower priced tier to this service. Like, I get why it seems like a good idea but if ppl aren't paying the current price (or even the discounted price of $39) for online, I'm not sure why they would for $29. Maybe a market exists, but a lower priced tier sounds like it's for ppl who want to downgrade more so than getting new users on board. And if that is the case, how many from the former are dropping PS+ entirely? Subscribers fluctuate per quarter, but they remain mostly constant.

That said, there's definitely a lot of routes Sony can go with this. After all, they've already experimented with PS Video in Poland, the PS Collection offering a bunch of titles for PS5 users to play, day 1 indie releases, the odd expansion of PS Now as a service. It seems to me that they've been scaffolding their efforts to a more complete subscription service. Let's not forget that PSN is their main revenue and profit driver, so they'd naturally work on bettering the service as a whole to continue strengthening it as a means to make money. 

I look forward to seeing what they have to offer, to see if the benefits and pricing are worthwhile. As much as I think having something similar to GamePass (clearly not the same) would be ideal, I may just stick with PS+ normal for the foreseeable future.