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trunkswd said:
zero129 said:

Well Xbox guys you dang done good. You now have PC gamers on your side on this site also. Xbox+PC=Love! as should of always been!. Now together we are strong!.
But as a PC gamer MS needs to hurry up and give me that new update for the xbox app that will let me install games where i want and mod them!.

Xbox and PC together at last. Especially when both are run by the same company. It never made sense to me as to why MS never released Xbox games on PC before. I know Halo 1 and 2 did come to PC some odd years later. 

Indeed it really was one of the most stupid things i think MS done as they could of done what Valve done back in the day but didnt, and i guess thats why many PC gamer ended up hating MS for leaving them in the dust with the xbox and no longer bringing games to their other platform (being windows pc).

Well lucky now they learned its all coming together and finally we Pc gamers+ Xbox gamers might be able to finally get a foothold here not only on this site but many others like it.

The chef is back Xbox is booming its time for a new dawn xD. Ok i dont think we are ever going to number PS and Nin fans on this site but we kinda pulling up the ladder now compared to when we where apart imean that has to be a good thing right?

One more edit im also a Nin fan and a Sony fan but more a PC fan!, Or can you really call yourself a fan of anything at that stage? :-/, i guess yeah you can im a fan of everything thats good bout gaming!!

I guess onemore edit!: Things have got so much better here lately for PC gamers and xbox gamers (Mostly PC gamers xD), but we still mostly keep to our corners of the room like this xbox thread and the PC one. Not really sure why that is but i noticed now we are seeing more and more outside posts on this forum from in other threads from xbox and pc gamers so keep it up lads! remember we are not trapped to two threads!! xD.

Last edited by zero129 - on 24 November 2021