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Kakadu18 said:
Ryuu96 said:

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick needs to resign right now (

“People are leaving. I'm getting goodbye emails, like almost at least three a week,” explained Jessica Gonzalez, senior test analyst at Activision Blizzard’s

“I'm seeing people leaving the company, and high-level women, women that are in senior positions are just leaving the company because they have no faith in Kotick,” added Gonzalez, who helped organize an employee walkout after last week’s Journal report.

Petition for the Removal of Bobby Kotick

1,800 Signatures from Activision-Blizzard employees now.

If Bobby doesn't go I could see them having similar issues Ubisoft is having right now with retaining talent which led to Ubisoft announcing pay raises to stop their employees from leaving.

They have over 9200 employees, so it seems like most of them aren't doing anything, which is just pathetic.

Hmm, I see the last reported number was 9,500 worldwide employees as of 2020.

That would make about 19% of the company, I think that's a decent amount Tbf if we consider a few things, one is that the petition hasn't been up for too long, another is that not everyone who supports his resignation will sign the petition because they could be afraid of retaliation later down the line, I see all these signatures have their full names, pretty brave of them.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 24 November 2021