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For those that don't know, it was rumored a few months back that Sega was having trouble negotiating with the talent agency for the actor of Judgment's main character for a 3rd Judgment game. Takuya Kimura's talent agency is notoriously strict, they required his image to be edited out of some promotional materials for the Judgment games with his character instead being replaced by a silhouette, and it's even rumored that Kimura is not allowed to be seen in public with his wife because the agency doesn't want him to appear unavailable to his female fans. The sticking point over Judgment 3 seems to be that Sega wants to make a PC port, and the talent agency isn't ok with a PC version due the fact that PC games can be easily modded, and they don't want nude mods and such of Kimura to exist. 

Well, today Rya Ga Gotoku studio announced that they are working on both a sequel to Yakuza: Like A Dragon and a new IP, though nothing was mentioned about Judgment 3. Presumably it will be the Judgment team which just finished Lost Judgment who is making this new IP. It's looking like Judgment is on hiatus as a result of the negotiations breaking down.