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Blood_Tears said:

Selling 1700 in retail software and having a major retailer stop selling the Series as of Nov 7th is not love.

They have only released 4 games as physical on Xbox Series, and all 4 were small print runs, which is why retail software sales are low. Clearly 100k+ people didn't buy an Xbox Series S or X just to watch it collect dust though, clearly lots of people are buying Xbox games digitally and subscribing to Gamepass in Japan. As for the retailer you are talking about, GEO, from what I've heard they are only going to stop selling used Xbox merchandise and accepting Xbox Series trade-ins, new Xbox consoles will still be sold by them. Xbox is also being sold at 2 other big JP retailers, Yodobashi and Bic, both in many of their retail stores and on their websites, as well as Amazon Japan, which is the biggest online retailer in Japan (Yodobashi is the 2nd largest online retailer in Japan after Amazon).

Here is a recent Series S restock at one of that retailer's stores (the retailer you are talking about, GEO):

The same display case at the same retailer taken not too long afterward: 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 14 October 2021