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Drakrami said:
shikamaru317 said:

Well, it was previously stated to be timed exclusive, so I will be waiting for the Xbox version since I don't plan to buy a PS5 until PS5 Slim releases, but if Sony ends up acquiring the studio or something, I guess I will buy it in a sale and play it on my PS4 Pro.

You could be waiting for a while, just like still waiting for ff7 Remake to be multiplatform. 

It depends really, sometimes Sony hats are only a few months, sometimes a couple of years. We only heard that it was timed exclusive, we got no info on how long the window is like some other recent Sony games have gotten (1 year on Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo; FF7 R was 1 year originally but Sony paid to extend the window for a further 6 months after the PS5 version released, so it can be ported to Xbox starting in January 2022; 2 years for Forspoken). Chances are the wait for an Xbox port will be shorter than the wait for a PS5 Slim at least, but if PS5 Slim comes sooner than I expect, like Holiday 2022 (highly unlikely) and the game still isn't on Xbox by then, I would catch it in a sale and play it on PS5 Slim. Or alternatively, if Sony decides to acquire the developer after the recent positive reception, I will buy it and play it on my PS4 Pro most likely rather than waiting until probably Holiday 2023 to play it on PS5 Slim.