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twintail said:
gtotheunit91 said:


This topic seems many years late. In the mid-2000's Sony had mobile games of GoW, Ratchet (2005), Loco Roco and Socom. They're released smartphone games before, including Fat Princess, LBP and Uncharted. And until recently, Playstation Japan had a mobile division.

I don't think Sony investing in the mobile department is now some cause for concern. Expanding their market into non-competitor markets is just good business, maybe. And a Wipeout mobile title suggests that a console version is likely in development if you ask me. 

Just because Sony thrives on high-budget narrative experiences, doesn't mean that is all they produce. Destruction All-Stars, Sackboy and Returnal all very clearly do not fit into this category. And some of the partnerships they have announced (like with Haven and Firewalk) suggest MP-based experiences. As long as people are buying these Sony titles, then Sony will be fine. Ultimately, there are every few studios competing at the same level of high-budget narrative experience. Just look at the new GotG game: it looks potentially fun, but the narrative parts that have been shown off have been pretty bad. Comparing it to something like Uncharted is, so far before release, night and day. 

Yup, pretty much what I WOULD have said in my post, but I thought just posting a picture would suffice lol, people don't seem to realise just how long Sony have already been in the mobile market :P