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ANNOUNCEMENT - Various Minor Things

Like in every year before, there's a short period in which you can make me aware of false conversions of your bracket predictions in my spreadsheet. If you fail to notify me by 1:00 p.m. EDT on Sunday, then you'll have to live with errors on my part. Although usually I go over everything twice to make sure that everything is correct in the first place.

Please note that this is not an opportunity to adjust any of your bracket predictions. It's only about making sure that what you had by yesterday's deadline is exactly what's written in the spreadsheet too.

A couple of people have incomplete brackets due to logical inconsistencies. NobleTeam360 had the Cowboys involved twice, but I am generous enough to count the DAL mentions based on his prediction of them winning the Super Bowl, therefore taking clear priority over the teams they played against earlier in the playoffs; still, two cells remain blank in his bracket. sethnintendo had the Raiders in the NFC wild card, and both #3 SEA and #6 NO in the divisionals; with no option to work backwards like in the aforementioned case, that makes a total of three empty cells in his bracket.

Hero Pick

We've actually got 12 players now, so the most common scenarios will be 3 out of 12 and 3 out of 11 this season. I'll mark any game that qualified for the Hero Pick rule with a blue header in the spreadsheet - such as DAL vs. TB - but correct picks will only be displayed in blue if the underdog won; this did not happen last night, so the correct picks are in the usual green color. In case anyone forgot, every blue pick will be rewarded with a bonus point in the results and standings, so theoretically it's possible to earn up to 16 bonus points per week.

Please note that a Hero Pick game is determined upon each NFL game's respective kickoff (its deadline), so I cannot designate Hero Pick games in advance.

Playoff tournament mode

Given that we got 12 participants for the regular season game picks, there will be a knockout stage from start to finish if all 12 players pull through. Should we fall below 12 sometime during this season, then the previously announced minileague with subsequent semifinals and final will be used as tournament mode.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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